Exercise: Bent Over Rows

August 8, 2017 — Leave a comment

The Bent Over Row is a Great Chance to Strengthen Your Back and Core (Photo courtesy of fitnessandpower.com).

I’d like to throw another exercise at you to mix into your training regimen, the bent over row.  I added this one about a year ago to complement all the pushups I was trying to do. This goes to the equal and opposite principle when using weights to keep your physic balanced.  However, it goes way beyond that.

Take a look at all the pictures below.  A quick search of the internet for “quartering elk” turned them up.  Do you see a common theme?

Yes, the position the individuals are in is very similar if not identical to that of the position assumed when performing a bent over row.  When in the field a back injury would be debilitating so anything you can do now to prevent it should be considered.


Make Sure to Use Light Weight and Great Form when Attempting this Exercise for the First Time (Photo courtesy of muscleandfitness.com).

To execute the lift you’ll want to get your feet about shoulder width apart and bend them slightly.  You do not want your back completely parallel to the ground when you bend over to pick up the weight or while performing the lift.  This would be inviting disaster.  While keeping your back straight, bend at the waist slightly and pull the weight upwards as if you were rowing a boat.  You want to be absolutely sure you have your core engaged while executing this lift to ensure you don’t injure yourself.  As always if you have any doubts about this lift consult a personal trainers and be sure you’re fit for this level of exercise.

Another reason I really like this for not only an upper body exercise but the fact that it requires the use of your entire core.  Your legs, butt, abs, and lower back all have to be firing  during this exercise to truly work your upper back and shoulders without injuring yourself.

Don’t worry if you don’t have access to a barbell though.  Dumbells, sandbags or whatever you can find will suffice.

This is just another exercise to add to your file for prepping for the fall.  Not to mention if you’re looking to help increase or steady your bow draw this should push you in the right direction.

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