Gear Review: Decibullz

August 22, 2017 — Leave a comment

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What is one of the most important things you have to have during your workouts?  It’s gotta be good tunes!!!!!  In all my life I can rarely remember not having music playing while in the weight room or while running.  Of course that has progressed from a boom box and Walkman back in the day to streaming music now.  Along with those improvements came advancements in the ways we listen to music.  I would like to introduce you to my current method of getting my melodies, Decibullz.  

What they bring to the table are custom molded bluetooth earphones (along with a ear plugs that I’ll get to later).  I have experimented with several wireless earphones with much disappointment.  I even bought from a couple of what I thought were top of the line exercise oriented earphones and just couldn’t get what I needed.  One pair I returned after only a few days because they simply would not stay in my ears.  Another pair I had to send back to the company four times because after a few months they would just cease to operate.  So far Decibullz has delivered a fine product that I have thrown everything my off season training regimen includes at and I’ve been extremely happy.

What are They?

Well, they are wireless headphones that allow you pair them with your smartphone or any other bluetooth enabled devise.  Most of you probably already figured that out by now but what really separates them from any other earphones I’ve see is the fact that you custom mold them to YOUR ear.  They are not a one size fits all type of earphone.  By custom molding the portion that fits into your ear you are given a perfect fit tailored to you.

Staying Power

I can say with confidence that after molding my Decibullz to my ear they have not fallen out during my workouts.  Now my workouts don’t simply involve going to the gym and walking around looking in the mirrors.  I’m talking trail runs, power cleans, jerk presses, kettlebell swings, etc.  Things where you really throw your body and weight around.  They just stay in my ears right where I need them.  It’s a welcome change from previous experiences.


Because they are molded to my ears they fit, and they fit comfortably.  I can wear them for hours and not experience any soreness or discomfort.  Along with a great fit they are light and hardly noticeable while wearing them.  The chord, battery, and controls don’t bounce around or shift to one side or the other causing me to adjust or be annoyed when performing lifts.  I can’t say if it’s where they are located with respect to the earpieces, the light weight, or materials but they ride along unnoticed which is what we all want.


I am not an aficionado of all things musical but I am pleased with the sound they deliver.  In my opinion they are on par with all other exercise oriented headphones I have used.  I won’t say the bass is deep and reverberates perfectly in my eardrums while high notes are not distorted and come through crystal clear.  It’s not because they don’t but because I don’t feel I have a keen enough appreciation for finely tuned sound.  Bottom line…they sound as good as any others I’ve listened through.

Custom Forming

The forming process is similar to when you formed your mouthpiece when you were playing football.  You warm up the inserts with hot water (note don’t put the whole apparatus in the water!) then insert them into your ear.  Apply some pressure so they mold to the shape of your ear and you’re all set.  The whole process took 20 minutes and didn’t require any cleanup.  Follow this link for a video of the whole process.

Ear Plugs

Decibullz also offers noise reducing earplugs.  They are custom fitting just like the earphones but rather than play music they deaden sound from outside sources.  I’ve used mine while mowing and quite often at the shooting range.  They fit just as comfortably and stay in place just as well.  I keep them in the console of my truck so I’ve always got them in the event I need them.  As I grow older I begin more and more to appreciate my hearing so these are must have for the firearm enthusiast or anyone who needs hearing protection.


I wish I would have heard of Decibullz sooner.  It would have saved me the money and time associated with dealing with an inferior product.  I use mine almost daily during workouts and always have solid set of ear plugs on hand.  I have thrown everything at them and they just stay put.  If you’ve struggled with finding the right set of earphones then these are a must.

Disclaimer:  I received the two fore mentioned products at no charge in return for a fair and honest review.  I have provided that above to the best of my abilities.  I do not get any compensation whether you choose to purchase or not.  However that would be your loss because these are sweet.


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