Gear Review: Midland Emergency Radio ER310

September 4, 2017 — Leave a comment



The ER310 Was One of the First Things I Had Ready for Hurricane Harvey.


Living in the middle of the disaster called Hurricane Harvey I have a new found respect for emergency preparedness.  Mainly because I thought I was prepared…I really wasn’t.  While I did take precautions and had the appropriate rations to keep my family safe and alive there were certain aspects of a dire emergency I had not taken into account.  I won’t go into all my personal struggles as many were far worse off than I was but I do want to take a minute and tell you a little about one of the items that I did have on hand during this devastating event.  One of the first things I dug out and had ready to go as the impending storm approached was the ER310 Emergency Radio from Midland.

You’re likely not going to pack an emergency radio into a remote camp (unless it’s already built in to your two way radios) but if you’re hunting out of your truck or have some extra weight to spare you may seriously consider having one with you.  You could also keep one in your boat, truck, permanent camp or wherever as a safety precaution.  The beauty of the ER310 is the functionality it brings with it in single package.

Methods to Provide Power

  • 4ways to power the device:  rechargeable Li-ion battery (included), AA batteries (sold separately), hand crank, solar panel.

LED Flashlight

  • No Emergency readiness device is complete without a bright LED light.
  • Low and high power with strobe light.



Bright LED Light Included in with Radio Capabilities.


Works As a Device Charger

  • Ability to charge other devises through USB port.


  • Gives you up to date weather updates and emergency conditions.
  • Allows for you to play your favorite local radio stations for specific updates.
  • You can listen to music in non-emergency situations.



The ER310 Comes with the Ability to Listen to AM/FM Radio and NOAA All Hazards Communications.


This is not a writeup that is going to have a bunch of field photos with beautiful back drops.  It truly gives you the facts about the abilities of this radio and it that it was an invaluable asset to have during Hurricane Harvey that dropped feet of rain and stranded me in my home days.  I was able to get accurate weather reports, local information, and had a few other functions to rely on such as charging my cell phone and an additional source of light.  The ER310 is a cheap emergency preparedness item that doesn’t weigh much or  take up much space.  Grab one and hope you don’t need it.

Disclaimer:  I received the radio at no charge in return for an honest and fair review.  I had been waiting for good opportunity to test it out and how it would apply to you as readers.  I couldn’t have been thrown into a more real situation that impacted me and my family.  It was there for me and functioned exactly as promised.  You really never know when it could be you.  Be prepared.



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