New Gear from My Favorites: SITKA and YETI

January 11, 2018 — Leave a comment

It’s outdoor show season and with that comes the latest and greatest from the industry!  It’s almost like a light at the beginning of the tunnel for your 2018 season.  You may have identified some needs coming out of last season or run out of places to add new patches on your old gear.  Now is the time to find your upgrades and be better prepared for this fall.  

I managed to get some insight into the some of the offerings from a couple of my favorite manufacturers before they are even available.  I’ll be doing my best to get my hands on some of these in order to really give you the skinny on performance and how they might give you a slight edge this fall.


The team at SITKA has been taking an already stellar product lineup and somehow continuously making it better.  New for 2018 is the Early Season Whitetail (ESW) series.  SITKA designed the ESW system to meet the demands of hunters who are sweating it out on warm weather hunts. The ESW system is complete with Polygiene® odor control technology and quiet fabrics that are body-mapped for absolute comfort and breathability.  SITKA may have put “whitetail” in the name but I am supper excited to put the shirt, pants, hat, and even gloves to the test hunting hogs all summer long.  With all the performance cold season gear out there it’s refreshing to get something to wear for the other half of the year.

Also being released by SITKA is their new Apex Series and Mountain Hauler 6200 Pack for those who will be venturing West.  Built for comfort on long stalks and silence at close proximity, each element of the Apex Series is designed to help hunters make the most of their opportunities.  The Mountain Hauler pack features a primary bag that expands from 4,000 to 5,000 cubic inches and the ability to comfortably carry 150 pounds. The Mountain Hauler has 6,200 cubic inches of total capacity and weighs in a mere 6.4 pounds. I’ve got to admit that I’m excited about the Mountain Hauler after struggling with my current pack on my last two elk hunts.

SA_Mountain Hauler 6200_Side_preview

Mountain Hauler 6200



Just when you thought YETI had covered all the basis, they come out with more items you didn’t know you needed to have!  First up is the Hopper BackFlip 24.  I’ve done reviews on the Hopper 30 and Hopper Flip 12 so I know how awesome the Hopper series performs.  Now that it comes as a backpack the stone age days of throwing a convenient strap over your shoulder is long gone.  I’ve more than once lugged a cooler to some remote fishing holes or hunting blind so having something that will strap to my back is a welcome addition.


Also being released is the Camino CarryAll 35.  To me, this is like a tote on steroids.  It can serve as a dual purpose gear hauler.  It will contain the mud from your boots, blood stained clothes, and worse yet…sweaty gym clothes, so your truck doesn’t look or smell like a wet dog.  On the flip side of that, if you’re out chasing red’s or speckled trout and your boat seems to take on a little water or the back of your truck is as nasty as mine, it will keep whatever you stuff in high and dry.  The best part is when you’re all done, just hose it out.  It’s that easy.




I hope to get a hold of some of these products to give you some more details from personal experience.  If they hold true to the prior experiences I’ve had with both SITKA and YETI they won’t disappoint.

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