Review: Miley Brands Grill Rubs and Spices

February 5, 2018 — Leave a comment


The most quintessential reason we hunt is for sustenance.  There are many other reasons and benefits but really the only reason you’re able to sit there and read this article is someone years and years and even a few more years ago killed something and ate it.  The good news is whether we kill something or not, we’re likely not to starve to death.  However inside many of us there is an urge to provide protein for ourselves, families, and friends.  In the spirit of just that you probably want it to taste good.  I actually do a ton of cooking around my house and most of it consists of wild game and veggies so I’m always on the lookout for something to give my culinary skills a boost.  Through my research along with some trial and error I found Miley Brands Grill Rubs and Spices.

Miley Brands offers four different types of seasonings; All-Purpose, Southwest, Beef, and Blackened.


Miley’s Arsenal of Seasoning.

I’ll start off by saying they are all fantastic and you can’t go wrong with any of them.  I actually had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Miley in detail about his seasonings, business, and life in general.  He turns out to be a very interesting man with an adventurous side.  I hope one day to perhaps even meet up with him to do some hunting or fishing.  But for now I’ll just be satisfied enjoying his delicious seasonings!



The Southwest was by far my favorite of the four offerings.  I can say I will have this spice in my cabinet at all times from this point forward.  My favorite use is on grilled vegetables.  Obviously our diets are huge in our overall health so I try and feed myself and family generous amounts of veggies whenever possible.  The Southwest seasoning goes perfect with any veggie from cauliflower, broccoli, eggplant, to asparagus.  It also goes great on any meat you wish to throw over a set of glowing embers as well.  I used it on deer, elk, chicken, wild hog, and even rubbed it all over my Thanksgiving turkey.  My pallet is not honed enough to give you a good breakdown of all the spices that you’ll get hints of but maybe that’s what makes it so great.  It doesn’t have any one overpowering ingredient and even though you may associate Southwestern with spicy it is not.


The Beef seasoning is a must for deer and elk camp.  It has strong hints of garlic and cracked pepper.  This spice is absolutely perfect for fresh red meat over an open fire.  A perfect combination in my opinion.  The other thing that it really stood out as a great match for was country fried steak.  Mixed with some whole wheat flour and dropped into some hot olive oil in a cast iron skillet made for an incredible meal.



The Blackened was the spiciest of the four seasonings but not hot to the point it would singe your mustache.  It gave a pleasant amount of heat and cayenne pepper was definitely present.  I used it to spice up a pot of vegetable soup and it does fantastic job on fresh gulf shrimp over charcoal!

All Purpose


Mr. Miley said this was his most popular seasoning.  As you can tell from the name, it goes good on just about everything.  I used it on all meats and vegetables and even threw it in a spinach and quinoa surprise to add some flavor to an otherwise dull but healthy dish.  I thought this to be a very solid rub but every time I used it my wife would comment on the dish being a little salty.  Now before you think this spice isn’t for you keep in mind we rarely actually use any salt when cooking so a little goes a long way for us.  Also, when I spoke with Mr. Miley he said that his cardiologist had no issues with the amount of salt included in any of his spices so I can’t imagine there is an excess amount present.


If you’re overwhelmed by the amount of rubs and spices available at the grocery store or you simply don’t know where to start then definitely give Miley Brands a try.  I seriously love the Southwest and has become a staple in my household.  The Blackened is great when I break out the seafood and the beef is perfect on big chunks of red meat.  The All-Purpose is just that, good on anything.  Give them a shot, you won’t be disappointed.



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