Don’t Know How to Break the Work Out Ice? Try the Farmer’s Carry.

April 12, 2018 — 2 Comments

This May Be the Literal Definition of a Farmer’s Carry but It Will Benefit Your Hunting Fitness as Well (photo courtesy of

So you’ve been following or maybe this is your first trip to but you’re intimidated by the thought of starting a workout program.  I’ve got a relatively simple exercise you can do at home or the gym to set your fitness goals in motion.  Couple the Farmer’s Carry with some additional cardio work (walking, hiking, running, etc) and you’ll be amazed at how much more you can tackle this fall.

The farmer’s carry is about as basic (you still have to use good form!) and caveman as it comes when talking about exercises, rivaled probably only by the deadlift.  However, don’t let it’s simplicity fool you into not utilizing it in your workout routine.  If you’re not familiar with the farmer’s carry all you need is two heavy weights and some room to walk.  Set the weight slightly wider than shoulder width, bend at the knees, grab, keep your back straight and stand up.  Now walk as far as you can until you can’t anymore.  That’s pretty much it.


Proper Execution of the Farmer’s Carry. Note the Straight Back! (photo courtesy of

Just looking at someone executing the exercise you’ll be able to see that your grip will be taxed to it’s limits, but also your neck, shoulders, back, abs, and leg muscles.  That hits a lot of major muscle groups and some very important ones for those of us who will be hitting the woods and fields this fall.  Not to mention, if you’re looking to burn some extra calories to get down to your fighting weight, this dynamic and multi-muscle excise will supercharge the burn.


Utilize Whatever “Heavy” Objects You Have Available to Execute the Exercise (photo courtesy of

Imagine you’re in a tent camp somewhere and have to fetch either pails or bags of water?  Looks pretty much like the farmer’s carry.  Moving game bags of fresh red meat?  Ya, it’s the farmer’s carry.  Dragging animal out of the woods even has distinct similarity to the farmer’s carry.  I believe you get my point that this is a worthwhile and useful exercise for the hunter.

Farmer Carrying Buckets of Sap

This Is Certainly A Scene You Can Relate to During a Wilderness Hunt (photo courtesy of

It can be done with dumbbells, barbells, or kettlebells.  If you’re not into the whole gym scene, use sandbags or buckets filled with rocks.  Whatever you have that’s heavy will work.  So don’t make excuses, make time and make it happen!


2 responses to Don’t Know How to Break the Work Out Ice? Try the Farmer’s Carry.


    Hi, Shawn Stafford,
    This is super beneficial. I think using a sandbag or a bucket full of weights is very practical to boost one’s stamina. Farmer’s carry is basically a great idea to attain grip strength and good form. Moreover, it’s so easy to execute if used as a daily routine.

    Thank you,
    Nigel William


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