It’s Already Mid-Summer!

July 12, 2018 — Leave a comment

Summer is Meant for the Outdoors (photo courtesy of

Summertime is in full swing right now so I wanted to take a minute to hit on a few things before it’s too late.  Just because there may not be any seasons open doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be working diligently right now on your goals.  It really hit home for me last week when talking to a friend and he said he would be hunting antelope in 6 weeks.  Not too long ago if a guy had to mail order any gear it may not even make it to him in time!

Take a Kid

If you’re a long time reader of then you this will come as no surprise however, if this is your first time here then you’ll figure out pretty quick that involving our youth in the outdoors is very important to me.  It should also be important to you.  There is no better time than the summer to get kids exposure to some of our favorite wild places.  You can camp, hike, fish, have a bonfire, you name it.  Whatever it is keep it fun and maybe you’ll just have them hooked for life.

Fitness Goals

As I had already mentioned some hunting seasons will be upon us very quickly.  If you’ve already started preparing physically for your hunts then now is the time to pick it up a notch.  If you haven’t started don’t just lay down and give up.  You have time.  Set your goals and focus your efforts.  You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.  Personally, my workouts were getting stagnant so I was looking for a way to mix them up to push myself to a new level.  Luckily for me my wife has decided to partner with me during some workouts so that has changed things up and allowed both of us to push ourselves a little more than we maybe would have.  I also had a friend present me with a variety of exercises and workouts to execute with sand bags of varying weights.  So far I’ve really enjoyed it and can tell that changing my routine has improved my fitness efforts.

New Releases from YETI

Summertime means heat and travel.  What better partner to have during this time than a new YETI.  The team a YETI came out with a couple new items that are perfect for summer time fun.  The YETI Tundra Haul makes getting fish, drinks, or whatever you need cold around a breeze.  They added a convenient fold-able handle and wheels making being mobile easy.


The YETI Tundra Haul is Made to be Mobile!

YETI also added the Panga Submersible Backpack 28 to their lineup.  What the Panga brings to the table is a 100% waterproof way to haul gear far and near.  I know for a fact their Hydrolok zipper has proven to be fantastic on their Hopper series as well as their durable ThickSkin shell.  If you have stuff you need to take with you, regardless of the elements, this is just what the Dr. ordered!


The Panga Submersible Backpack 28 is the Key to Staying Dry and on the Move.

Ultimately now is the time to get summertime adventures underway.  Don’t delay because colder weather will be upon us before you know it and you’ll have missed your opportunity to make it happen!!



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