Gear Review: Sitka Ascent Series in Subalpine

September 3, 2018 — 1 Comment

The Ascent Series in Subalpine Works Great for a Variety of Destinations and Game.  Photo Taken in Michigan.

It’s hot in Texas…but I didn’t let that stop me from hunting this summer.  Being blessed to have year round opportunities to chase game I didn’t want to miss any chances I might get.  With that, I needed something that I could wear to keep me concealed but also not cause me to melt into a puddle of sweaty mess.  Talking with a Sitka representative he recommended giving the Ascent Series a shot.  

Initial Thoughts

Upon the arrival of the Ascent shirt, pants, hat, and gloves I was completely shocked.  These were the lightest articles of clothing I’d ever had.  This includes lightweight fishing shirts, exercise clothing, anything.  Short of being naked, I’m not sure I could put on less substantial pieces of clothing and still have my entire body covered.  As a matter of fact I immediately started wearing the clothing fishing to keep the sun off as it was cooler than anything else I had.


Seriously…read these.

  • Pants – 12 oz
  • Shirt – 4.7 oz
  • Hat – 1.35 oz
  • Gloves – 1.25 oz

That’s an entire hunting outfit, head to toe, that weighs 19.3 oz.  Amazing.


Even in this Sweatbox of a Blind the Ascent Clothing Proved Comfortable.  Photo Taken in Texas.


I would say that the Ascent series fits trim but definately not slim.  By that, they won’t cramp your style but also won’t get in your way when you draw your bow in tight quarters.  The material has some stretch to it allowing the clothing to move with your body and not against it.  Its perfect for hunters on the move.  The gloves allow for pretty much the same dexterity as when not wearing them and the hat fits snug to your head.

IMG_1538 - Copy

The Fit is Athletic Allowing You to Move but Not be Bothered with Excess Material.  Photo Taken in Michigan.



I’ve been wearing these Ascent Series to do all kinds of activities.  Fishing, hog hunting, prepping stand sites, dove hunting, you name it.  I’ve had no problems with regards to durability nor do I have any concerns moving forward.  Wearing them on the dove opener saw me trudging through thorn riddled pasture ground.  I was very impressed at how well they warded off thorns and handled the constant snagging from the briars.


It was 98 Degrees When this Picture was Taken.  The Ascent Series Kept the Sun at Bay, My Arms and Legs Protected, and Me as Cool as Possible when it’s that Hot Out.  Photo Taken in Texas.


Here is where I believe the Ascent line of clothing shines.  For me this year in Texas it’s hot, but as I stated in the beginning of the article, that’s no excuse not to be out enjoying the outdoors.  Even back home in the MidWest it’s smokin hot for the squirrel and dove openers as well as early deer season.  I just got done talking with a friend who was archery hunting antelope over a watering hole in a blind so you can imagine how hot he was.  I say all this to make the point, depending on where you live, you can bet on at least 4-6 months of warm/hot weather.  For others like me, it’s more like 9 months.  What other hunting clothes do you have that will cover that much of the year?  Of course, when it does start to cool down a bit you can always layer underneath to extend their use.


The Ascent Series Works All Across the Country for both Concealment and Comfort.  Photo Taken in Indiana.

Final Thoughts

After spending some time with the Ascent pants and shirt I do believe they will become my most used pieces of hunting clothing.  Comfort and the ability to conceal the human form are what we look for in our camo clothes.  Sitka meets those requirements perfectly with the Ascent line in the Subalpine pattern.  If you’ve got some warm weather hunts still coming or want to get ready for the Spring the Ascent line won’t disappoint.

Pine Tree with Arrow

Yes, I’m in the Picture.  I’m Not Hidden Behind Anything.  All I did was Duck Under the Branches and Slip into the Shadow.  Subalpine is an Impressive Pattern.  Photo taken in Michigan.

Disclaimer:  I received the clothes tested at no charge in return for a fair and honest review.  To the best of my abilities I have done that.  I receive no additional compensation if you choose to purchase any clothing or gear from Sitka.  However, if you do choose to buy from Sitka, from my experience you’ll be very happy with your decision.



One response to Gear Review: Sitka Ascent Series in Subalpine


    Can’t go wrong with the sitka layering system. The merino base layers are game changing. The camo works well in the shade, as shown in your picture. Thanks for the review


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