I Forgot What I was Missing

October 22, 2018 — Leave a comment

Sunrises From the Stand Are Joy’s that Only a Hunter Knows.

Hunting season started a little later for me this year than in the past but as with anything worth doing you’ve got to make a little time to get it done.  I did just that a couple Sundays ago and spent some time in the woods and realized how much I love the hunting experience.  

When I say the hunting experience, I didn’t pull the trigger on any big buck or old boars, I was just out there.  Out in nature enjoying what we’ve been so fortunate to have been granted with.  It was hot and the mosquitos were torturous.  The water was up and the swamps were flooded but those are only excuses.  I didn’t let that stop me and I was amply rewarded for my efforts.


The Swamps were Flooded so Plan B was Enacted.

Tucked back into the trees I waited quietly for life to unfold in front of my eyes.  I was not disappointed.  I blew a chance at some pork for the Weston sausage stuffer and had a doe and little buck sneak into view.  However, what I really noticed was the little things that make hunting and experience.  The squirrel perched on a tree limb silhouetted by the setting sun.  The wind beginning to send the brightly colored leaves to their winter homes on the damp ground.  The bird zipping by unaware of my presence.


This is the Sight of Anticipation!

I couldn’t remember when I had last heard a hoot owl singing his song.  I just sat there and couldn’t help but smile.  The strain I put on my ears to hear something that wasn’t there.  Then hearing something that just might be what I came for and putting every ounce of attention towards identifying it.  The sudden increased in heart rate.  The anticipation.  The pure pleasure of nature.  Ya, those are the things that keep us coming back.  Oh and meat in the freezer!


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