Hunting Fit Means Never Give Up!

July 14, 2019 — 2 Comments

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It may not have seemed like I was doing much with regards to and providing content for my faithful readers but I was working very hard behind the scenes.  The fact is that that I’ve actually had the chance to step outside my usual posts to pen some articles I have been very excited about.

As I type this post my writing can be found in three prominent publications.  Just last week I posted an article to regarding Five Essential Exercises for the Bowhunter.


You could read about an eye opening deer hunt involving myself and youngest daughter this past winter in Coastal Texas on the last page of North American Whitetail Magazine.

Lastly, I have two articles in the current issues from American Outdoor Revolution Magazine.  This includes American Hunting Revolution Magazine and American Wildfowl Revolution Magazine.

So as you can see, even though you’re not seeing it on I’m still writing and putting out good content for you all to read.  As for, no worries.  I’m just taking a little time to recharge and gather some new experiences and ideas to share with you.  I’ve had the chance to try some new fitness techniques and have a couple reviews I’m working on including the new YETI LoadOut GoBox and Midland X-Talker T290 two way radios.


The YETI LoadOut GoBox Protected my Midland X-Talkers after I Left Them Out in a Thunderstorm while Reviewing Both.

I’ve had some communications with the team a Wiebe Knives and will hopefully be able to give you a sneak peak at their latest hunting knife and I’ve been involved with their prototype work for a filet knife.  Lots of exciting things will be coming forward.  Is there anything that you all would like me to write about or know more about?  If so, just let me know!  Thank you and keep fighting that good fight and keep pushing your fitness goals…fall is not far away.

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    That is fantastic! Congratulations on your articles!


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