Look for Unique Training Opportunities

July 29, 2019 — Leave a comment

OK, So Maybe You’re Not Looking For Something This Unique…(photo courtesy of the artofmanliness.com)

While it’s great to get into a routine with your workouts sometimes it’s good to mix it up a little to keep your body guessing on what muscles it will have to use next and also keep your brain interested as well.  I can only lift sandbags for so long in my basement before I just want to do something different.

Over the years and my travels it seems like everywhere I’ve lived or even vacationed has something to offer.  Case in point, we took a family fishing trip to Northern Michigan this summer.  As the Great Lakes offer some wonderful recreational resources we decided to visit Sleeping Bear Dunes (public land by the way!).  Holy cow.  What a challenge to climb that thing.  I’ve always been relatively limited on my ascent type training resources but in the course of a 5 day trip we climbed the dunes on two separate occasions.  I’ll just say this, I felt it in the subsequent days.  I even got to pack a little extra weight around when we pushed the kids just a little too hard to reach some distance locations.

Another wonderful find is a state park (open to the public of course!) only minutes from my home.  After some exploration, aside from the fishing, hiking, swimming, and playgrounds that my kids love they have an old fire watch tower.  I’m always looking for ways to burn the quads and strengthen my ability to move in the upward direction.  Problem is these types of resources aren’t generally readily available.  However, with a little effort or maybe some luck, I managed to hit the jack pot with this one.  Time to load up the pack and gain some feet!


I’m Not 100% Sure Why it’s There But This Old Fire Lookout Is Perfect for Training for the Mountains.

The other thing I have come across from MI, to IN, to TX, and even IL are running/walking/biking trails.  It seems like nearly every city, big or small, has a trail system.  Some better than others but certainly all usable and great tools for getting fit.

Don’t even get me started on hiking trails.  Maybe it’s just my family but wherever we vacation there always seem to be some unique and challenging hiking trails around.  Off the top of my head I think of hiking the Lake Michigan and Lake Superior lakeshores, the Smokey Mountains near Gatlinburg, some wicked awesome trails in West Virginia when we went white water rafting, and even Turkey Run or Shades state parks in Indiana.


Public Land Trails Are Abundant All Across the USA.  I Highly Recommend You Take Advantage of These Fantastic Resources for Unique Training Opportunities.

If we don’t mix up our workouts they can become mundane and monotonous.  Good luck finding the motivation to stick with it in that situation.  Most of us also do some traveling or vacationing throughout the year.  Use these getaways to throw some wrenches into your workouts.  It could be a lot of fun.  Worst case, you’ll be in just a little bit better shape than you were before and that’s always the goal!


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