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February 22, 2020 — Leave a comment


WOW!  It’s been sooo long since I last wrote on  I’ll no longer make excuses and tell you I’ve just been busy and I plan to fire up weekly articles again.  Hunting Fit is not dead but I have redirected some of my efforts.  As you know there is a finite amount of time in each day and I’ve focused on a few other things (for now) and Hunting Fit had to take a back seat.  In my defense there is still a ton of content on the site to help keep you working towards your goals.

Speaking of goals, one of mine was to reach a broader and diverse audience with my writing.  With that being said I’ve been fortunate to land a few opportunities over the last several months.  If you are still looking for a fitness fix check out my articles on  The most recent focused on Hunter Fatigue.


While most of your seasons are closed there may be still a few of you holding on till the end.  I also gave some tips and suggestions for those of you doing it the old fashion way and Hauling Meat out on your back.  I also gave a few insights on Staying Fueled for the hunt if you want to check your thoughts on nutrition versus mine.

I continue my relationship with American Outdoor Revolution Magazines by writing for their quarterly publications.  You can see several of my stories at the following links:

Arkansas Duck Hunt

Arkansas Duck

Red Dirt Goose Hunt

Red Dirt Geese

I’ve got a new and interesting article about how I measured success in 2019.  Make sure and take a look when Spring issue comes out as it will likely give you a little different perspective at how to look at things.

In addition to these articles I’ve been notified that I will also be in print in upcoming issues of Great Lakes Angler and Michigan Out-of-Doors. The last item I’ll mention is some future opportunities that I’ve recently unlocked with Adventure Sports Outdoors Magazine.  As you can see, I’m still very active, just through different outlets.  Be sure to check them out and I’ll do my best to get updates out on periodically so you can continue to follow along.

Oh, one last thing…with all that was going on for 6-8 months last year and I have to admit my fitness took a backseat.  Yes, I’m human just like everybody else.  But, I found myself in a place I didn’t want to be and took action to correct it.  Since mid December I’ve been dropping fat, adding miles, and moving weights again and feeling good.  So remember, keep your goals and health in the forefront and never give up.  Thanks for your continued support!!!

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