Ending March Like a Lion

March 24, 2020 — 1 Comment

Make Sure Both You and March Go Out Like a Lion (photo courtesy of fearlessmotivation.com).

I absolutely hope everyone is doing well as we transition from Winter into Spring.  I don’t intend to focus on the 800 lb gorilla in the room as there is already plenty going around on COVID-19.  What I do want to bring up is some of the unique opportunities we have right now and also some of my writing outside of HuntingFit.com that you may enjoy.

Extra Time

First since this is HuntingFit.com, what are you doing to get ready for this Fall?  Me?  I’m actually taking advantage of some time in my day I’ve been temporarily given back.  That time I used to spend commuting has not been transformed into extra workout time.


It’s Not Pretty But More Than Functional.  This Little Gem is Keep My Mind and Body in Check Right Now.

Also, all that time I was spending going to my kids activities has not been converted into more writing time.  Thus, this post which will likely be followed by many more.  But…its also giving me time to just be with my family as well.  Not running here or there or critiquing this sporting event or that. I encourage to you take this chance to make lemonade rather than focus on the sour taste.

New Gear

Who doesn’t like new gear?  Who doesn’t need new gear (ok so maybe we don’t need it but we certainly could put it to good use)?  I’ll be covering the Lacrosse AeroHead Sports in 3.5 mm neoprene as well the LoadOut GoBox 30 from YETI.  I’ve used Lacrosse and YETI products for years now and look forward to testing them out this Spring.


I’m also going straight up ninja with Sitka for turkey.  Using their Fanatic Hoody in black with the built in facemask I should blend in perfect with the inside of the blind.


Sitka Ninja Mode Activated!

Other Articles

I mentioned I’d had a few other opportunities to write well, a few have finally hit publication.  I recently started working with Adventure Sports Outdoors and am delighted to see my article about inter-coastal fishing in the Gulf of Mexico in print.  This a free online magazine so you can follow this link and read it right now if you wish!

The other article that hit news stands this March is in Michigan Out-of-Doors.  I’ve been dying to get my hands on a copy which will hopefully land in my mailbox this week.  It details last years turkey hunt with all the ups and downs you can imagine in a fairly short period of time.

Take the time you’ve been granted and make the best of it right now.  No more excuses.  While you’re taking advantage of this situation be sure to check out a few of my articles and flip through a few gear catalogs.  Your outdoor fun this year will be all about what you make of it.  I suggest it you make the very best 2020 ever.  Good luck!



One response to Ending March Like a Lion


    Looks like you made good use of your spring! Thanks for not bringing up C19! Do you have links to your writings?


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