Social Media = Social Anxiety?

December 27, 2020 — Leave a comment

Don’t Let Social Media Have a Negative Impact on Your Life or Hunts! (image courtesy of

What are you guy’s thoughts on social media?  Of course beings I have a website and several social media accounts, I’m not a hater.  At first (years ago now!) I was a little obstinate but after I had to get an account to see the pics of my kids my wife was posting I began to use it more and more.  Now I find it fairly useful, moderately entertaining, and with some verification slightly educational.   But even as social media continues to influence us more and more, I still have some reservations with it.

Aside from the usual keyboard cowboys throwing criticisms, bullying, unnecessary negativity, or other unpleasantries, I find it can significantly raise my level of anxiety.  As you read this article I am referring to social media mostly related to hunting, fishing, and outdoors as that is where my brain lives when I’m not with family or work.  I love to see the posts about recipes, trophy shots, new gear, views from the stand, and especially motivational ones.  However, my problem stems from those same posts.  Yes, I do realize that no one is making me scroll through my accounts.  I view on my own accord as I do find many good posts worth looking at.


Based on the Hunting Fit has Multiple Social Media Accounts I am a Proponent and User.

When I see people out hunting and I’m not, I turn quite melancholy because I feel as if I’m missing out.  When I see some of you all butchering your animals and I’ve not got one to butcher it makes me feel inferior.  When you are doing some new adventure (that is technically within my means) I wish I was there.  When you’re in the woods and I’m at work or tending to other responsibilities I just can’t figure out how you can get away with spending that much time hunting.  These may seem extreme, and maybe they are, but the fact is that I can get downright gloomy on the inside.

It’s not a jealousy thing because you’re killing monster bucks, chasing elk, or slaying hogs.  I wish you all the best and love to see your success.  It’s not that I envy the plate of wild game you just laid on the the table or that you can cook natures gifts way better than me (although I’m sure some of you can!).  I’d love to try a bite or swap recipes sometime.  I’m not resentful of your perfect sunrise from the tree stand.  I think everyone should experience such a glorious site.  I just wish I was there too.

YETI Social Media

Most Businesses Have a Plethora Of Social Media Accounts to Keep You Tuned In to Their Latest Offerings. Here is Snapshot of One of My Favorites, YETI.

Just to be clear and ensure I don’t get accused of hypocrisy, I’m posting these same type of pics so you can share along in my adventures.  It’s then that I remind myself why I’m sharing my posts.  It’s not to belittle anyone or make you think I’m a better hunter than I am.  It’s not to flaunt the trips I’m on or magnificent views I’m taking in.  It’s not to brag that I’m hunting while you go on with your life.  I share them for positive reasons.  I share them because I love hunting and the outdoors and want to share my experiences.  It’s to help others learn of things they can do or adventures they can go on with others.  It’s to pass along information to help you plan and gear up for your next trip.  My posts are meant to inspire and encourage.  I hope that yours are too.


I Hope That My Social Media Posts Inspire and Inform You To Get Out There and Make Everyday the Best Day Ever.

I also realize my dumpy attitude when others are out and I’m not is unwarranted.  Each of us has our own story.  I love the one I get to write everyday.  I remind myself somedays that I’m not out in the woods because I am fortunate enough to have a good job.  When I can’t go out Saturday morning because my wonderful kids have a game I tell myself how lucky I am to have been blessed with children.  Even the opportunity to take them to practice in hopes they work hard and dream big is a gift in itself.  When there is a list of honey do’s with my name on it instead of a treestand, I smile and am thankful I have a “honey” that loves me.  Whatever you do, don’t use social media as a gauge of how you should be living your life or what you should be doing.  Use it as an informative and entertaining tool.  Don’t forget, if it starts making a negative impact on your life you can simply turn it off.

Social media can make it all look easy.  It’s not.  Just remember, be thankful for what you do have and make the very best of each day you’re given.  Everything else will work out.

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