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A few weeks back, I discussed the various ways in which atmospheric changes affect your training. While that info is incredibly valuable, how are you supposed to know what the atmosphere is doing around you? While you could check weather websites for the info, that won’t work when you are not near a computer. What about when you are hunting? It would be good to know what the barometric pressure is at your current altitude as this will affect wildlife movement. What will you do then?The Kestrel Drop is a portable weather environmental data longer that is small enough to attach to a pack or keychain. However, it manages enough data to fill a small library.

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The Drop is small enough to attach to  your pack

The Drop operates via bluetooth connectivity with your smartphone or portable device. Since it is based on bluetooth, you do not need an internet signal – just stay within 100 ft of your Drop and the data will continue to log.

Logging intervals can be set from anywhere between 2 seconds – 12 hours and battery life and storage space will last accordingly, depending on model (to give you an idea, the Drop D3 will fill up after 3.4 hours at 2 second log intervals and 259 days at 2 hour log intervals).

The Drop is available is in 3 different models: D1, D2, and D3. Depending on which model you select, the data that will be logged will vary:


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After downloading the Kestrel Link app from the App Store, I started using my DROP D3 and was very, very impressed with the capabilities.

The home screen for you DROP is fully customizable, giving you access to your favorite metrics right away. Additionally, the ability to track, compare, and customize readings is very valuable and insightful. Simply by pulling up the app on my phone I could instantly see what was going on with pressure, humidity, temperature, dew point, etc.

If you were to just think for a second about the potential uses for this tiny data lodge, its value becomes evident immediately. If you are hunting in the mountains and have no access to internet, you can pull up your Kestrel app on your phone. Often times, we are awake and moving before the sun is up so knowing what the current weather conditions are might be difficult. However, you could know the dew point, barometric pressure, humidity, and temperature before ever getting out of your tent. This would let you know that a storm was its way or that the day was going to be sunny and hot… you would know this all before you ever even took a look at the sky.

Additionally, the Kestrel Link app can be set up to alert you when certain atmospheric measurements reach a specific level, such as temperature or humidity level.

Additionally, if you are training or competing in a race or an event like Train to Hunt, having this kind of information at your fingertips would allow you to know how you needed to modify your approach based on atmospheric changes.

The DROP is waterproof and drop tested (no pun-intended) to ensure its durability.

The DROP retails for $89-$179 depending on model. If you ask me, it is worth every penny. If you train and/or hunt, this tiny piece of gear could very easily become your most valued source of intel. It is easy to see how the DROP won the 2015 Backpacker Magazine Editor’s Choice Award.

Check it out at

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