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No matter if you are preparing for your first deer hunting experience or a seasoned buck hunter, it is crucial to integrate principles of deer behavior and instinct into your hunting strategy. In this manner, you can maximize your time on the hunt to better ensure a successful season, no matter where you may be. We’ve compiled a list of tips and strategies below that may be applicable to nearly all deer hunters.

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KTECH Designs are Churning Out Some Amazingly Designed and Well Thought Out Stabilizers. (Photo Courtesy of

How many of you have stabilizers on your bow right now?  How many of you went online and grabbed the first one you saw just to maybe make your bow a little quieter?  Ya, I was that guy too.  Fortunately I’m here to tell you there is a family owned and operated outfit making top quality stabilizers right here in the USA.  They make stabilizers not only to take a couple decibels off your shot but to actually stabilize your bow and improve your accuracy.  I acquired some stabilizers from KTECH Designs based out of the state of Michigan and wanted to give you a rundown of my experience using them. Continue Reading…



Here is What You’re Looking For While Roving the Backwaters at Night with a Stick and String (Photo Courtesy of Hailey Dulaney’s Facebook Page)


In honor of my upcoming trip with the guys as Bluegrass Adventures and Hailey Dulaney for my first reel (pun intended) bowfishing trip I was doing a little research so I would know what to expect.  I figured while I was out perusing the web for bowfishing information I would share with you all.  Anytime you can get out with a bow or on the water this time of year is a real treat.  So if you’re on the fence about going bowfishing or if you’re a seasoned veteran of the fiberglass arrow here are some good reads for you to kill some time until your next adventure. Continue Reading…


So True!!!! (Photo Courtesy of

Free advice is, well, free and sometimes you get what you pay for.  However, I feel I’m really on to something here that you will find beneficial.  Want to be more accurate with your Bow (that’s of course a rhetorical question because the answer is always yes!)?  Then here is my tip to you…shoot.  Yes, that’s it, shoot.  Sounds complicated pretty complicated huh?  I didn’t think so. Continue Reading…

3D Shoots Are For You

June 10, 2016 — 2 Comments

What a Great Way to Spend a Saturday!  (Photo Courtesy of

A lot of what I write about is doing things to simulate what you will be experiencing in the field.  Why not practice shooting your bow like you would in a hunting situation?  A fun and effective way to achieve this is through 3D shoots. Continue Reading…

Mix Up Your Practice with a Formal Competition (Photo Courtesy of

We all know we need to practice to be efficient killers with our bows.  Let’s be honest though, shooting at the same target, over and over by yourself can get a bit monotonous at times.  I gathered a few articles for you take a look at to spice up your practice sessions and help you bring some family and friends into the mix to make it a group event. Enjoy! Continue Reading…

Elevated Practice

April 13, 2016 — Leave a comment

Practice is paramount for us hunters. If we have one goal each season it’s to make a quick clean kill on our quarry.  That practice is even more important for those using archery gear if we expect to perform with the required consistency to be that efficient killer.  I’m thinking that if you follow this site you are dedicated to repeated shooting in the off season to meet your accuracy goals during the season.  However, if you hunt from a treestand, how many of you shoot from an elevated perch when you practice?  While any shooting is beneficial you should be sure to practice how you will hunt. Continue Reading…

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Practicing at 60 yards – My effective range.

You should never take a shot in which you are not confident. Period. Lots of animals are injured and lost because the hunter tried to push his or her archery limits and consequently made a bad shot. For every bowhunter, knowing one’s effective range is absolutely vital. Continue Reading…

Archery Trick Shots

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I had to share this video with you all from the guys at Dude Perfect.

If you are a bowhunter (or archer of any kind) then you will appreciate this video.

Hunters spend hours and hours preparing for their upcoming hunts. We train to improve our fitness so we can hunt farther. We train to improve our accuracy by shooting hundreds, even thousands, of arrows. We study maps and observe patterns in animal movement in order to be in the right place at the right time. All of these are important forms of preparation. However there is one way of preparing for any bow hunt that is most valuable. Continue Reading…