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Do It…Now!

October 20, 2020 — Leave a comment


Want a Wall Like This? Me Too. It Won’t Happen Laying Around Wishing. Make It Happen.

Fall has arrived and I hope everyone has already been out for the early seasons, currently enjoying open seasons, and/or have plans for some of the later seasons.  In short, if you haven’t been out hunting yet, get your butt out there!  Continue Reading…


Still Hunting? When’s the Last Time You Worked Out? (photo courtesy of

So let me guess, your hunting seasons are over or you’re really pushing yourself to fill that last tag in the freezing weather?  I figured.  Your fitness carried you through the season but you’ve been hunting and not working out for 2 months now I suppose too?  Don’t wait for ridiculous New Years resolutions.  Make the commitment now to a healthier lifestyle. Continue Reading…


I Finally Stepped Up My Game to a Pro Level Vacuum Packer and It’s Fantastic.

If I’ve said I hunt for the meat once I’ve said it 100 times.  With that I often go ahead and do the butchering and packaging myself.  With the advent of the home vacuum packer years ago preserving your kill has gotten much easier and better.  For years I’ve used a fairly cheap sealer that could be picked up at your local Walmart.  For years I also struggled with poor sealing, multiple attempts, and if you ask my wife a vacuum sealer that sounded like a chainsaw in our kitchen.  No more.  I went big time and finally picked up a Weston Pro-2300 vacuum sealer and won’t be looking back anytime soon.   Continue Reading…


Summer is Meant for the Outdoors (photo courtesy of

Summertime is in full swing right now so I wanted to take a minute to hit on a few things before it’s too late.  Just because there may not be any seasons open doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be working diligently right now on your goals.  It really hit home for me last week when talking to a friend and he said he would be hunting antelope in 6 weeks.  Not too long ago if a guy had to mail order any gear it may not even make it to him in time! Continue Reading…


What a Beautiful Scene.  With a Little Effort it Could be You.

As I scroll through my social media feeds I am seeing a ton of post’s from individuals who are already wishing their deer or elk season was upon them.  While big game seasons in the fall are my favorite there are way too many opportunities out there the other 9-10 months of the year to be wishing them away.  If you’re not capitalizing on all the year round adventures we’ve been blessed with then you should reconsider your strategy.

Continue Reading…


The Cover from The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters with My Latest Article.


Great news for Hunting Fit!  My latest magazine article just came out in the Jan/Feb copy of the The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters.  This is the official magazine of The Texas Trophy Hunters Association which I have been a member of for several years now.  It details Continue Reading…


Even Though You See Beauty Like This in Elk Country I Had Some Reservations Prior to My Recent Elk Hunt.

I wrote an article a week or so ago pondering some of my thoughts about an upcoming elk hunt.  Now that I’ve actually went on that hunt I thought I would follow up with where I’m at today looking back at the comments I made.

At the time I was feeling the necessity to kill an elk on the trip to make it worthwhile.  That need was to fulfill several gaps including the financial investment I had in the trip as well as the time away from my family.  Continue Reading…



Its Has Been A Busy Yet Very Rewarding Last Three Months


While it appears to be a slow time of year for us hunters I would argue that there is way more opportunity than most realize.  Case in point I was excited for a slow down this Spring so I could actually start pumping out some content.  Well, if you follow the page, you’ll agree with me that it did not happen.  So I wanted to take today to let you know that while I haven’t been writing I have indeed been gathering some great content to share with you and have some exciting things forthcoming. Continue Reading…

Kids and My Selfishness

October 16, 2016 — 4 Comments


The Excitement on the Way to the Hunt was Obvious.


A reoccurring topic you’ll see from me is getting kids out into the woods or water.  It is absolutely necessary for the continuation of our sport and heritage as hunters.  I feel very strongly about setting future generations up to enjoy the blessings I have been able to experience through hunting and fishing.  Not only do I support various conservation/hunting organizations, vote, buy the appropriate licenses and pay other fees, but I do what I can to make sure that someone will actually be interested in these things after I’m gone.  However, this weekend and a few weeks prior, I was reminded that maybe I’m a little selfish and take my kids hunting for my own benefit too. Continue Reading…


I Know Exactly Where These Veggies Came From.

How many of you take as much pride and joy as I do by feeding yourself and your family the finest and purest table fare you can?  As hunters this means lots of lean, wild meat.  Also, since most of you value your bodies as your greatest tool in the field then you want to also feed it clean, healthy, and nutritious fruits and vegetables too. Continue Reading…