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Hunting seasons are in full swing with gift giving season just around the corner. I’ve compiled a list of various items sure to make any hunter happy this Christmas.

As the Fall hunting seasons get underway I hope everyone is having great luck and making some lasting memories.  Over the last year I’ve had the opportunity to try out some great gear.  I thought it would be beneficial to provide you with some suggestions as the Christmas season approaches and you start thinking about giving (or recieving!) some sweet outdoor gear!  As I’ve sampled all the gear in this article I have first hand experience with their capabilities, features, and functions.   You won’t go wrong with any of the following recommendations. Continue Reading…


I Put the YETI 105 to the Test During This Year’s Deer Season.

I’ve found over the years as I travel more for my hunts that I’ve always got a need for a cooler.  By definition the fact I’m going hunting means I’m looking to bring some food home.  Food in most cases needs to be kept cool and clean.  What better way than an air tight, permafrost insulated, rotomolded cooler?  My thoughts exactly.  With this in mind I started the 2020 deer season with high hopes to test out the YETI Tundra 105 and YETI Ice. Continue Reading…



Once again Sitka proved why they are one of the top performance hunting clothing manufactures in the country.

As I sit here on the cusp of winter I thought it would be good to get a review out on some items that may just make your late season hunt bearable.  On top of their outstanding clothing lines Sitka offers a couple other items that I really wanted to try out and see if they could be difference makers.  So I procured a Ballistic Beanie, Incinerator Muff, and Neck Gaiter for my late season whitetail hunts here in the Midwest. Continue Reading…

Review: Gerber Knives

November 8, 2020 — Leave a comment

Gerber has an extensive line of blades and tools for the outdoorsman, hunter, and fisher. After trialing several models I was very impressed.

For years I’ve carried a Gerber shovel and axe in the tool box on my truck “just in case”.  When I was training and hunting with my bird dog years ago I grabbed a set of Gerber game shears that I still use to this day.  I’ve always known about Gerber knives but until recently I really hadn’t had much exposure to them.  Continue Reading…

Gift Guide

One of the greatest blessings that have been bestowed upon me are my three wonderful children.  They are currently paying me so far forward that I may never realize how much better of a man I am because of them.  But let’s face it, I’m human so I want some instant gratification.  What better way for them to thank me for being their dad than with some wicked awesome hunting and outdoor gifts.  It just so happens I have a few things in mind.  So kids, if you’re reading this, don’t be shy when it comes to letting your dear old dad know how much you appreciate him!!! Continue Reading…

Ending March Like a Lion

March 24, 2020 — 1 Comment

Make Sure Both You and March Go Out Like a Lion (photo courtesy of

I absolutely hope everyone is doing well as we transition from Winter into Spring.  I don’t intend to focus on the 800 lb gorilla in the room as there is already plenty going around on COVID-19.  What I do want to bring up is some of the unique opportunities we have right now and also some of my writing outside of that you may enjoy. Continue Reading…


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It may not have seemed like I was doing much with regards to and providing content for my faithful readers but I was working very hard behind the scenes.  The fact is that that I’ve actually had the chance to step outside my usual posts to pen some articles I have been very excited about. Continue Reading…


The Ascent Series in Subalpine Works Great for a Variety of Destinations and Game.  Photo Taken in Michigan.

It’s hot in Texas…but I didn’t let that stop me from hunting this summer.  Being blessed to have year round opportunities to chase game I didn’t want to miss any chances I might get.  With that, I needed something that I could wear to keep me concealed but also not cause me to melt into a puddle of sweaty mess.  Talking with a Sitka representative he recommended giving the Ascent Series a shot.   Continue Reading…


Summer is Meant for the Outdoors (photo courtesy of

Summertime is in full swing right now so I wanted to take a minute to hit on a few things before it’s too late.  Just because there may not be any seasons open doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be working diligently right now on your goals.  It really hit home for me last week when talking to a friend and he said he would be hunting antelope in 6 weeks.  Not too long ago if a guy had to mail order any gear it may not even make it to him in time! Continue Reading…


Midlands MicroMobile Series of Two Way Radios are Perfect for Mobile Hunting Situations.

Other than for sustenance, what is likely one of the biggest reasons people hunt?  I’m sure the list is arguable but I’m willing to bet that camaraderie will be pretty high on the list.   Hunting brings people and families together all throughout the year to spend quality time together in the outdoors.  With that, communication among party members is critical for success and often times safety or avoidance of spoiled meat.    The Midland MXT115 MicroMobile Two-Way Radio is perfect for those types of situations.   Continue Reading…