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Bring on the Fall and bring on the hunting gear!!!

Who doesn’t love new gear?  Any chance I get, if it makes sense (and even sometimes if it doesn’t!), I love to make sure I’m loaded with improved gear just to give me that little edge or a bit more confidence while in the field.  This year over the course of the last couple months I’ve had the chance to trial a few items that I’ve never carried in the to field before.  So far they haven’t disappointed.  Continue Reading…

Since none of us would be here without a father, I figure I’d do all those fathers out there a solid and give you some gift ideas to make his Father’s Day one he’ll really appreciate.  Fortunately for you I started this project a little early so I can make some educated suggestions.  The following are products I’ve used and tested and would love if my kids get any of them for me.  Continue Reading…

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Hunting seasons are in full swing with gift giving season just around the corner. I’ve compiled a list of various items sure to make any hunter happy this Christmas.

As the Fall hunting seasons get underway I hope everyone is having great luck and making some lasting memories.  Over the last year I’ve had the opportunity to try out some great gear.  I thought it would be beneficial to provide you with some suggestions as the Christmas season approaches and you start thinking about giving (or recieving!) some sweet outdoor gear!  As I’ve sampled all the gear in this article I have first hand experience with their capabilities, features, and functions.   You won’t go wrong with any of the following recommendations. Continue Reading…


For Years its Been Considered Standard to See Your Doc at Least Once a Year for a Physical (pic courtesy of

Although I haven’t put any new workout related articles on the site for a while now, I wanted to take a moment to touch on your overall health.  While diet and exercise are paramount to living a long and fulfilling life, there are some things you can take advantage of from the medical profession to help stack odds in your favor.  Continue Reading…


Don’t Let Social Media Have a Negative Impact on Your Life or Hunts! (image courtesy of

What are you guy’s thoughts on social media?  Of course beings I have a website and several social media accounts, I’m not a hater.  At first (years ago now!) I was a little obstinate but after I had to get an account to see the pics of my kids my wife was posting I began to use it more and more.  Now I find it fairly useful, moderately entertaining, and with some verification slightly educational.   But even as social media continues to influence us more and more, I still have some reservations with it. Continue Reading…

Recent Magazine Articles

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While I’ve been making a concerted effort to post more regularly to Hunting Fit, I’m still doing some free lance work on the side.  If you want to check out a few of my other pieces go pick up a copy of North American Whitetails Hog Hunting Magazine and Michigan Out of Doors Winter issue. Continue Reading…

Make It Your Hunt

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Random Hunter

During one trip to Colorado I was tucked back into some trees waiting for the elk to feed out into the open. As I waited this gentleman and his horse came passing by. He didn’t see me or I would have smiled and waived as he was enjoying his hunt just as I was.

You know what we need more of?  Participating in hunting in a way that fits your mold.  No one else’s.  If it makes you happy, is ethical, and legal…go for it.  Like big bucks?  Let the little ones walk.  Like meat in the freezer?  Shoot the first thing that comes by.  Prefer archery?  Get that stick and string out!  Come out once a year for the gun opener?  Have your orange ready and get after it.  We are all different and as hunters we should embrace that.  Continue Reading…


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Beatiful Mornings

Is the anticipation of the sunrise and what it may bring filling your thoughts and dreams?

With each hunt comes some degree of anticipation.  Do you enjoy this feeling or simply wish it was go time, right now?  When does it hit you?  The night before?  Week before?  Month?  Continue Reading…

Do It…Now!

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Want a Wall Like This? Me Too. It Won’t Happen Laying Around Wishing. Make It Happen.

Fall has arrived and I hope everyone has already been out for the early seasons, currently enjoying open seasons, and/or have plans for some of the later seasons.  In short, if you haven’t been out hunting yet, get your butt out there!  Continue Reading…

Gift Guide

One of the greatest blessings that have been bestowed upon me are my three wonderful children.  They are currently paying me so far forward that I may never realize how much better of a man I am because of them.  But let’s face it, I’m human so I want some instant gratification.  What better way for them to thank me for being their dad than with some wicked awesome hunting and outdoor gifts.  It just so happens I have a few things in mind.  So kids, if you’re reading this, don’t be shy when it comes to letting your dear old dad know how much you appreciate him!!! Continue Reading…