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Just Because You’re Hunting Grounds are Full of Flat Ag Fields Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Need to Be In Shape.


If you are a follower of then you know that fitness plays a huge role in my daily life as well as many of my hunts.  A lot of this dedication and preparation stems from my love of hunting in the mountains.  When you’re in the bush for a week at elevation you’ve got to be ready if you want to be successful.  I realize that many of you reading this get that aspect of being physically fit for those types of hunts, but what about some of the supposedly less strenuous hunts out there?  Here are two examples of what would normally be considered fairly straight forward hunts (not easy,  just not as physically demanding in their design) that I was very thankful I had the strength and stamina to produce a favorable outcome.  Continue Reading…



The ER310 Was One of the First Things I Had Ready for Hurricane Harvey.


Living in the middle of the disaster called Hurricane Harvey I have a new found respect for emergency preparedness.  Mainly because I thought I was prepared…I really wasn’t.  While I did take precautions and had the appropriate rations to keep my family safe and alive there were certain aspects of a dire emergency I had not taken into account.  I won’t go into all my personal struggles as many were far worse off than I was but I do want to take a minute and tell you a little about one of the items that I did have on hand during this devastating event.  One of the first things I dug out and had ready to go as the impending storm approached was the ER310 Emergency Radio from Midland. Continue Reading…


Cliff on Pack In

Got a Hill to Climb?  You Better Be Ready Flatlander!!!


So you’ve got a mountain hunt planned but you live on a table top of topography.  The clock is ticking and you’ve got to be able to reach that high ridge in time to cut the approaching elk off.  What can you do to be ready?  While there are a million ways to train I wanted to share a couple cheap options that anyone can have access to.  If you live in a vertically challenged environment then take a look at these and consider adding them to your training regimen. Continue Reading…



Its Has Been A Busy Yet Very Rewarding Last Three Months


While it appears to be a slow time of year for us hunters I would argue that there is way more opportunity than most realize.  Case in point I was excited for a slow down this Spring so I could actually start pumping out some content.  Well, if you follow the page, you’ll agree with me that it did not happen.  So I wanted to take today to let you know that while I haven’t been writing I have indeed been gathering some great content to share with you and have some exciting things forthcoming. Continue Reading…


How Lucky I Felt to be in this Picture!  Home Sweet Camp!

A lot of us tend to focus on going ultralight and shoot for a minimalist approach to our camping setups.  What if we had a chance to carry all the comforts with us in a portable and easy to set up tent for our next outdoor overnighter?  If you have considered such a situation and you can drive to your camping spot then I’d like to introduce you to a company called Tepui.  Amongst other things (Tepui Gear Bags Review), they make top quality and pretty nifty rooftop (or truck bed top) tents. Continue Reading…

Gear Review: OnXmaps

April 10, 2017 — 1 Comment


Hunting Fit, it’s all about preparation, right?  You bet!!  But don’t think that preparation is all physical.  There is also the research required to put you in a position to be successful on your hunts.  Besides draw odds and tag applications you need to know the physical location you plan to hunt like the back of your hand.  You must know the public and private boundaries, saddle locations, benches, but you also should know what the area looks like from the air.  That way you’ll know if what appears to be a meadow, really is a meadow.  Enter OnXmaps. Continue Reading…


Just Because It’s Not Steep Terrain Doesn’t Mean It’s Easy (Photo courtesy of

Do you believe that being physically fit is only for backcountry mountain hunters?  If so, you are completely mistaken.  It is very important for all of us regardless of our hunting styles or geography.  Now certainly some hunts and situations are going to require a higher level of fitness than others but all our hunts will benefit from being stronger and well conditioned.  One my hunting partners recently experienced just a situation.  Because he was prepared physically he was blessed with a fantastic memory for himself and sons. Had he not been prepared for an adverse and challenging situation the opportunity could have quickly been soured.  The story and photos below are courtesy of Tim Brignac. Continue Reading…


The Maven B.1 8×42’s Proved to Be the Best Binoculars I’ve Personally had the Opportunity to Use.


The more I hunt out West the more I appreciate the use of optics to aid in my success.  By no means am I an aficionado of fine optics but I certainly  know when something gives clear and concise views and is well built.  Which, when attempting to cover ground with your eyes or differentiate between a legal and non-legal bull are qualities you’d want.  I recently had the opportunity to get my hands on a pair of Maven field glasses.  What Maven has done is eliminated the middle man (i.e. retail store price markups) and is creating a high quality glass at a not so high price by building and shipping directly to the consumer. Continue Reading…


If You Want It, Go Get It (photo courtesy of

I wanted to make sure the whole mantra of New Years Resolutions had melted away before I put this post together.  As the title states this write-up will revolve around goals that you need to set for yourself if you ever want to hit them.  By definition a resolution is a decision to act whereas a goal per is “the result or achievement toward which effort is directed“.  So first comes the resolution to improve ones self (which I’m assuming most of you have made sometime ago, if not then welcome aboard!) followed by the goal that you are specifically targeting.  I give this bit of background not to bore you with linguistic details but more to encourage you to be specific in your intentions for this year. Continue Reading…

ATA Recap

January 17, 2017 — 3 Comments

One of the Many Displays at the Massive Archery Trade Association Show.


The recent Archery Trade Association show in Indianapolis was a huge display highlighting the latest and greatest in the archery and hunting world.  I was fortunate enough to attend and spend an intense 10 hours combing the exhibits looking for the best that this year’s innovations had to offer. Continue Reading…