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There Is Still Time Right Now to Put Meat in the Freezer!


Just because it’s almost 2017 don’t give up on this hunting season just yet.  While several seasons have closed there are many that are still open.  Don’t just hibernate for the winter and wait for Spring turkey or bear season.  Make the best of what you have now and keep that primal fire burning and fresh meat on the grill. Continue Reading…


What Dad Wouldn’t Want To Be Here?!?!?  (Photo Courtesy of


If your Dad is like me then he’s just chomping at the bit waiting for the next hunting season to roll around.  As far as I can tell Dove season will be our next opportunity (unless he’s managed a Spring bear hunt somewhere in the immediate future).  Dove hunting is just a flat out fun time.  Continue Reading…


I hunt in some pretty rugged terrain and the temperatures can vary significantly. Whether I am hunting mule deer or quail, it is easy to be in thick brush while simultaneously dealing with high winds and cold temperatures. Most down jacket are very warm, but the face fabric is very thin and delicate. Additionally, when you are doing upland hunting, you are already wearing a vest so a cumbersome jacket is out of the question. I found the solution to these issues in the Eddie Bauer Sport Shop Field Jacket. Continue Reading…

Photo Credit: Eddie Bauer

Photo Credit: Eddie Bauer

A good upland vest is worth its weight in gold. Having a lot of features might seem like overkill to some, but as is often the case, you don’t need what you need until you need it. When you do need it, nothing is worse than not having it and trying to make do. The Mabton Flats Vest by Eddie Bauer is a feature-laden vest that is worth the cost of admission. If you spend more than a morning or two wingshooting, you need to give this vest a serious look. Continue Reading…

Photo Credit: Orvis

Photo Credit: Orvis

Big game hunting gets a lot of attention. With majestic animals like elk and moose, it is no wonder why so much attention is paid to big game hunting. When you consider the kind of training that is required for a successful big game hunt, it is no wonder that so much attention is given to big game hunting in the fitness world.

But should it be that way? I think not. For anyone who has done a fair amount of upland hunting, the physical demands of chasing quail, grouse, or pheasant are all too familiar. There is great benefit to be had by training for your upland hunts this fall. Doing so will not only help you locate and take more birds; it will also make the entire experience more enjoyable. Continue Reading…