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February 14, 2021 — Leave a comment

Keeping Your Priorities Updated and In Check Will Help You Get the Most Out of Life. (pic courtesy of

As you all know, time is one of the most valuable things we have.  It’s always a delicate balance of priorities.  Everyone has time, its just a matter of what you do with it.  If you are prepping for a mountainous hunt you’d best make time to get into shape.  We should all make time to maintain some level of fitness even with nothing substantial on the horizon.  We owe it to ourselves. Continue Reading…

Make a Difference

October 25, 2020 — 2 Comments

Making a positive difference can come in many forms. In this pic a fundraising shoot allows individuals and companies alike to support local charities.

As hunters and hopefully overall contributors to society, how many of us have taken it upon ourselves to make a positive difference?  It doesn’t matter how big or small, just something that in our minds left it better than it was?  I believe this is where many of us overlook just how powerful each of us can be. Continue Reading…

Do It…Now!

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Want a Wall Like This? Me Too. It Won’t Happen Laying Around Wishing. Make It Happen.

Fall has arrived and I hope everyone has already been out for the early seasons, currently enjoying open seasons, and/or have plans for some of the later seasons.  In short, if you haven’t been out hunting yet, get your butt out there!  Continue Reading…


Summer is Meant for the Outdoors (photo courtesy of

Summertime is in full swing right now so I wanted to take a minute to hit on a few things before it’s too late.  Just because there may not be any seasons open doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be working diligently right now on your goals.  It really hit home for me last week when talking to a friend and he said he would be hunting antelope in 6 weeks.  Not too long ago if a guy had to mail order any gear it may not even make it to him in time! Continue Reading…

Motivational Quote

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I’ve learned that success is very dependent on the types of people you surround yourself with.  Ultimately though, it’s solely up to you!


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Motivational Quote

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Simple but true.  Make the best of the day you’ve been given.


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Motivational Quote

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To continue the motivational theme…you’re not going to be any more prepared for next hunting season than you are now if you don’t get off your butt!  Decide now or be mad at yourself later!


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Motivational Quote

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I’ve gotten away from posting some motivational material but due to the fact that your 2018 season starts now I wanted to get back into the habit of getting you fired up to achieve your goals.


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Find Your Motivation

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Don’t Sit Back and Wait (photo courtesy of

The new year is upon us and we should all be retooling (our bodies and gear) for the upcoming fall.   While I plan to bring you  updates on the latest and greatest gear, my focus today is more on your body.  If you’re like me then you busted your butt all Winter, Spring, and Summer hitting the fall seasons firing on all cylinders.  If you were hunting out West then you were likely done in Oct, maybe early November.  If you are more in the Midwest or East perhaps your season got extended through December.  Either way, season is over, now what? Continue Reading…


Next Year, Be Your Own Pack Animal (photo courtesy of

With hunting seasons freshly behind some of you and several months already under your belt for those who still have some time left, where did your fitness fall short?  On the flip side of that, what went very well for you?  I ask these questions because there is no better time than immediately following an event (or season) to evaluate your performance. Continue Reading…