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Let’s keep it simple.

It has been well documented that drinking water is an absolute necessity for every living being. That is no mystery. If you do not drink water, you will not be around very long. Water is essential to proper blood circulation, brain function, heart health, etc.

However, there are some additional benefits to drinking water that are specific to the fit hunter and should not be overlooked.
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If you search the internet for diets, nutrition advice, and the like, you will find an absolutely overwhelming amount of information. From celebrity diets to the newest weight loss secret, everyone seems to have their thoughts on nutrition and the best way to eat for the results you want.

Not this article… If you hate diets, this article is for you. In fact, this article is meant to serve as nutrition basics for anyone who wants to get in better shape for the purpose of being a better hunter and living a healthier, well-rounded lifestyle. If you want a beach body diet, you can find one anywhere online; if you want to be healthier and hunt better, there are only a few things you need to understand about nutrition.
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If you are like me, sometimes you need a bit of a boost to get things rolling. For example, it usually take me about 2-4 weeks to get back into a solid routine if something has caused me to stop whatever it was I was doing. But some things are difficult enough that waiting for 4 weeks to see results is pretty tough; sometimes, it is enough to make us give up.
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Protein is essential to muscle recovery and growth. Regardless of your fitness goals, protein plays a crucial role in your reaching those goals. Even if you don’t want to build muscle mass upon muscle mass, protein plays a major role in even the most basic rebuilding of muscle fibers after physical exercise.

However, there are quite a few options when it comes to protein (egg, whey, casein, soy, etc.). What type of protein is best and when should you be consuming protein? How much protein should you be consuming on average each day? These are important questions to which you need to know the answer in order to make the most of your training. Continue Reading…

Photo credit: huffington post

Photo credit: huffington post

You have probably heard it a million times: No pain, no gain. While some pain is not good (muscle strain or tear, broken bones, tendonitis, etc.), some pain is a sign that you are doing things right. A good kind of pain is muscle soreness, a feeling that is brought on by microscopic tears in your muscles caused by a hard workout. This is not a bad thing, but lack of knowledge about soreness and a lack of understanding on how to respond to soreness could lead to further pain and serious injury.
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Do you enjoy a beer or glass of wine when you get home after a long day? Do you go out with your friends a few times per week and have a few drinks each time? Seems harmless, right? Well there is a bigger story going on under the surface than just the noticable effects of alcohol on your body. Continue Reading…


A while back I posted a few meal comparisons in the Backcountry Meal Shootouts. There are a few pretty well known names in the outdoor meal industry (Mountain House, AlpineAire, Backpacker’s Pantry) and a few not so well known (Heather’s Choice). Well I recently came across a company that makes dehydrated meals for a very specific diet and I was very impressed by the nutrition potential so I decided to look into it further. Continue Reading…


Rest is one of the absolute most important parts off any training program. Without rest, your body cannot recover; without sleep, your body cannot truly rest. You need 8-9 hours of sleep per night to maintain proper recovery and hormone balance. However, if it were possible to make the most of your body’s natural recovery processes while you sleep, there would be no reason to not take full advantage of it. Wilderness Athlete’s Nighttime optimizer is intended to do exactly that.
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Wilderness Athlete recently revealed their newest flavors for their Hydrate and Recover and Energy and Focus supplements! Continue Reading…


In the coming weeks, Hunting Fit will feature a Q&A session in which I respond to hunting and fitness related questions. Ask any question you’d like and if your question is among the ones picked, it will be featured in the Q&A article. Ask via email, comment below, or ask through the Hunting Fit Twitter and Facebook feeds. Just make sure you ask… You can’t get answers if you don’t ask.