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If You’ve Never Used a Replaceable Blade Knife then the Wiebe Arctic Fox is a Knife You’ve Gotta Try.

All my life one thing that hunting season meant was sharpening knives.  Yes, there is a ton of other stuff to do in preparation for season but one extremely important tool that I always had on hand was a sharp knife.  I’ve found a couple brands that I’ve stuck too over the years and have used folding and fixed blades both.  I’ve used stones and ceramic sharpeners and even recently got an electrical belt type sharpener.  I have to admit though I had never used one of the replaceable blade knives that have somewhat recently joined the scene.  Fortunately for me I was introduced to Wiebe Knives who happen to have several different replaceable blade cutting tools to choose from.  Specifically I tested out the Arctic Fox and was impressed with my first foray into simply replacing my blade rather than sharpening it.   Continue Reading…



YETI Coolers Lived Up to All the Hype and then Kept Going.

I never realized how much I needed a high performing cooler until I had one.  For most of my life I have gotten by with just about every cheap cooler you can imagine.  None lasted for long and certainly didn’t keep ice for extended periods of time.  I’ve even spent a little more on some there were supposedly better but was still left disappointed.  It all changed when I was introduced to YETI Coolers.  You’ve heard of YETI, but have you ever used one?  I have, then I went and got more.  It wasn’t because there was anything wrong with the Hopper 30 I reviewed, but because it was amazing at keeping things cold and with the active lifestyle I live I could use a few more in my life!  This review will cover my experiences with the Tundra 50 and Flip 12. Continue Reading…


How Lucky I Felt to be in this Picture!  Home Sweet Camp!

A lot of us tend to focus on going ultralight and shoot for a minimalist approach to our camping setups.  What if we had a chance to carry all the comforts with us in a portable and easy to set up tent for our next outdoor overnighter?  If you have considered such a situation and you can drive to your camping spot then I’d like to introduce you to a company called Tepui.  Amongst other things (Tepui Gear Bags Review), they make top quality and pretty nifty rooftop (or truck bed top) tents. Continue Reading…

Gear Review: OnXmaps

April 10, 2017 — 1 Comment


Hunting Fit, it’s all about preparation, right?  You bet!!  But don’t think that preparation is all physical.  There is also the research required to put you in a position to be successful on your hunts.  Besides draw odds and tag applications you need to know the physical location you plan to hunt like the back of your hand.  You must know the public and private boundaries, saddle locations, benches, but you also should know what the area looks like from the air.  That way you’ll know if what appears to be a meadow, really is a meadow.  Enter OnXmaps. Continue Reading…


The Sitka Fanatic Series Finally Meets the Needs Required by Serious Whitetail Hunters


When you think high performance hunting clothing there is a short list of companies that come to mind, Sitka being one of them.  I have experimented with several brands and was presented with the opportunity to give the Fanatic Series a test this fall hunting whitetails here in Illinois.  I have had my eye on their gear for a while and once I found out they had a series targeting stand hunting for deer I couldn’t resist.  I’ve tried it all and can say that up to this point I’ve managed, but haven’t come across an article or set of clothing that really impressed me.  That is until now.  Continue Reading…


If You Want Convenient, Portrable Power the Enerplex Genertr 1200 May Just Be Your Ticket!


Let’s face it, even though most of us seek solitude in our hunting adventures we still like to have some of the modern conveniences of home when possible.  Many of those luxuries run on electric power which is generally hard to come by when operating remotely.  You could always pack a conventional gas powered generator (assuming you’ll be hunting from a camp you can reach via truck) but they’re noisy, smelly, and if you’re like me most of my gas powered implements never want to start anyway.  I was recently introduced to a product from Enerplex that will eliminate those issues in a convenient and easy to use package.  The Generatr 1200 is a rechargeable battery pack on steroids that is easily transported and even easier to use and maintain.  While I labeled this post as a gear review it’s going to be more like a gear introduction.  I say that because I haven’t even touched on all the possibilities the Generatr1200 has to offer therefore I haven’t technically tested it as thoroughly yet as I normally would…but I certainly plan too! Continue Reading…


The Maven B.1 8×42’s Proved to Be the Best Binoculars I’ve Personally had the Opportunity to Use.


The more I hunt out West the more I appreciate the use of optics to aid in my success.  By no means am I an aficionado of fine optics but I certainly  know when something gives clear and concise views and is well built.  Which, when attempting to cover ground with your eyes or differentiate between a legal and non-legal bull are qualities you’d want.  I recently had the opportunity to get my hands on a pair of Maven field glasses.  What Maven has done is eliminated the middle man (i.e. retail store price markups) and is creating a high quality glass at a not so high price by building and shipping directly to the consumer. Continue Reading…


The Midland X-Talkers Proved to be a Great Choice for Two Way Communication.

Even though electronics have only recently (relatively speaking) become such hot ticket items in your hunting pack (think GPS, Smart Phone w/ video and mapping capabilities, electronic callers, etc) one item that that has been around for a while now is the two way radio (walkie talkie).  If you’ve ever hunted with a partner or a group then you’ve probably used one.  I know I have used them in the past during bear drives in the Appalacians and also during my backcountry elk hunts.  I was able to get my hands on a set of Midland X-Talker radios and wanted to tell you a little about my experience with them. Continue Reading…


The Jumpr Series Portable Chargers From EnerPlex Were a Great Addition to My Hunting Pack this Year.


I wanted to give you the skinny on one of the latest portable power products from Enerplex, the Jumpr Pro.  The Jumpr Pro was just released this past Oct/Nov and I was very pleased to get my hands on one.  If you remember I had previously reviewed the Jumpr Slate from Enerplex and had a very positive experience with it.  As a matter of fact I carried it in my backpack during all my whitetail hunts this year until I swapped it out with the Jumpr Pro.  Continue Reading…

Christmas Buyers Guide

December 13, 2016 — 2 Comments



It’s a Great Time of Year to Spread Your Love of the Outdoors to Others. Who Wouldn’t Love Some New Hunting and Outdoor Related Gifts?!?! (photo courtesy of

So you want to get something thoughtful for that hunter or outdoorsperson in your life but just don’t know what to get?  Let me help.  The following are some suggestions and ideas so you can give something meaningful to those important in your life.  Several of the items I have posted reviews on, but after using them this past season loved them even more.  Others are items that just seem too cool or useful not to pass along.  Regardless, I hope you find something below that will get you or your loved one outside, active, or put some quality meat on the table. Continue Reading…