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Do It…Now!

October 20, 2020 — Leave a comment


Want a Wall Like This? Me Too. It Won’t Happen Laying Around Wishing. Make It Happen.

Fall has arrived and I hope everyone has already been out for the early seasons, currently enjoying open seasons, and/or have plans for some of the later seasons.  In short, if you haven’t been out hunting yet, get your butt out there!  Continue Reading…


Still Hunting? When’s the Last Time You Worked Out? (photo courtesy of

So let me guess, your hunting seasons are over or you’re really pushing yourself to fill that last tag in the freezing weather?  I figured.  Your fitness carried you through the season but you’ve been hunting and not working out for 2 months now I suppose too?  Don’t wait for ridiculous New Years resolutions.  Make the commitment now to a healthier lifestyle. Continue Reading…


Getting Involved On a Local Level Can Be Very Rewarding.


Hopefully all of you are involved to one degree or another in at least one club or organization that supports hunting, conservation, and the outdoors.  There are tons of opportunities out there to get involved or donate your time and money.  When many of us think of these organizations we probably tend to focus on some of the larger ones (NRA, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Pheasants Forever, Quail Unlimited, etc).  These are all fine organizations and I am a member of several but don’t forget about your local sportsman’s or conservation club. Continue Reading…


I Was All Smiles at This Point After Some Time to Reflect and Recharge.


As many of you know this site regularly discusses things you can do to better physically prepare yourself for the hunt and be a more healthy person in general.  One thing that is often overlooked is taking care of ourselves from a mental standpoint.  If you follow on social media then you probably saw some of my posts from late this week where I was taking Friday off for an attitude adjustment and going fishing. Continue Reading…

Photo Credit - Steiner Optics

Photo Credit – Steiner Optics

Have you ever had someone question whether or not God would approve of hunting? Often times, people who question the morality of hunting point to the fact that the animals are innocent or that killing an animal somehow violates the commandment, “Thou shalt not murder” (almost always quoted in the King James translation by those who use it as the reason why hunting is not okay). But does hunting go against biblical commands?

First of all, the biblical prohibition against killing is more specifically translated “You shall not murder” and subsequent commands against murder are based on the fact that mankind bears the image of God (Genesis 9:6; Exodus 21:12), thus giving the reason why it is not okay to kill other people. But does hunting animals fall into the same camp as murdering humans? Continue Reading…

“When you’re out there hunting, if you’re not seeing the sunrises and sunsets for what they really are in God’s creation, it’s always going to be a long season. You have to enjoy the journey.” – Jeff Danker, Major League Bowhunter

Enjoy The Journey




I have heard it said, “It is better to sit in a tree stand thinking about God than to sit in church thinking about hunting.” While this may sound philosophically deep and meaningful, it is fundamentally flawed and misleading. There is nothing wrong with sitting in a tree stand while thinking about God and there is definitely nothing wrong with going to church; however, there is something concerning about thinking that one is an acceptable replacement for the other. To be completely honest, it really seems like an attempt to justify going hunting instead of going to church. I know that I have been guilty of trying to justify what I want to do instead of doing what I know I should do so it is an attempt that I can understand; however, it does not make it okay. Continue Reading…