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Why Burpees?

May 31, 2018 — 3 Comments




Looking to Add a Cardio and Core Workout? Burpees can do that for you! (photo courtesy of


Burpees are awful.  If you’ve done only one, you are already aware of this.  They are used as a penalty for not completing an obstacle at some of the fitness races.  How bad must they be if they are used as a punishment at an already grueling event?  Quite simply because they are a great tool for making improvements to your health and physical abilities.   Continue Reading…


This May Be the Literal Definition of a Farmer’s Carry but It Will Benefit Your Hunting Fitness as Well (photo courtesy of

So you’ve been following or maybe this is your first trip to but you’re intimidated by the thought of starting a workout program.  I’ve got a relatively simple exercise you can do at home or the gym to set your fitness goals in motion.  Couple the Farmer’s Carry with some additional cardio work (walking, hiking, running, etc) and you’ll be amazed at how much more you can tackle this fall.

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We’re All Busy but We Also Have Goals(photo courtesy of


It’s nearing the end of August and you’ve got a late September or October hunt approaching fast.  You’ve been maintaining a pseudo active lifestyle but you want to kick it up a notch so that you hit the slopes in top form.  You’re also working 40+ hours and have responsibilities at home that take precedence over all else.  What do you do?  Get rid of wasted space in your workout.   Work your body efficiently and timely to maximize your gains and reduce the required workout time.   Continue Reading…


The Bent Over Row is a Great Chance to Strengthen Your Back and Core (Photo courtesy of

I’d like to throw another exercise at you to mix into your training regimen, the bent over row.  I added this one about a year ago to complement all the pushups I was trying to do. This goes to the equal and opposite principle when using weights to keep your physic balanced.  However, it goes way beyond that. Continue Reading…


Cliff on Pack In

Got a Hill to Climb?  You Better Be Ready Flatlander!!!


So you’ve got a mountain hunt planned but you live on a table top of topography.  The clock is ticking and you’ve got to be able to reach that high ridge in time to cut the approaching elk off.  What can you do to be ready?  While there are a million ways to train I wanted to share a couple cheap options that anyone can have access to.  If you live in a vertically challenged environment then take a look at these and consider adding them to your training regimen. Continue Reading…

One Arm Jerk Press

December 8, 2016 — Leave a comment

Elk Quarters Don’t Miraculously Hang Themselves, You’ve Got to Be Strong Enough to Get Them There (Photo Courtesy of

In an effort to mix in some upper body training while continuing to improve my overall core strength I began working in the one arm jerk press.  The jerk is 2nd half of the clean and jerk where you lift a weight from the ground and “clean” it to you chest.  Then you “jerk” it into an overhead position.  While I believe the clean and jerk is a great exercise (that I may highlight in the future) I want to focus today on just the jerk, specifically with one arm.  Continue Reading…

Next Year is Now

November 27, 2016 — Leave a comment

Strength Training For Hunting Fitness is Year Round (Photo courtesy of

Hopefully you all have had a successful hunting season this fall.  I have been blessed and if you follow me on social media then you know I was lucky enough to have to purchase a new freezer to support my wild game habit.  Perhaps you’re even still at it hoping to capitalize on some late season tendencies.  I have a few tags left in my pocket and a few friends who have stated they would be interested in a deer if I had another opportunity so we’ll see what happens.  However, this is not necessarily why I’m writing.  I am writing to let you know that next season begins now for those of you who have already filled your tags or gave it your best attempting to do so. Continue Reading…



The Struggle is Real! (Photo Courtesy of

I had a reader reach out to me a month or so ago and perhaps ask one of the most important questions of his life.  He asked for advise on how to get in better shape for hunting season.  I say this not because he asked me specifically but that he had personally made the decision to not only be a better hunter but more importanty to become a more healthy person.  Continue Reading…


Tell Me This Guys Isn’t Intense and Utilizing a Magnitude of Muscles to Accomplish a Single Task!  (Photo Courtesy of

I wanted to cover one more exercise regarding functional movements and the three planes of human movement.  The transverse plane which dissects the body through your waist and separates your head from your toes probably doesn’t get the attention it deserves relative to how much it’s used in the field.  Most movements that work in this plane have a twisting effort involved thus working your core muscles in a rotational fashion.  A great (actually two great equal and opposite) exercise to utilize are wood chops and reverse wood chops.  Both of these involve basically the same movement but in opposite directions.  Continue Reading…


If You’ll Be Side Hilling and Climbing Obstacles with a Heavy Pack You’ll Need to Improve Your Strength and Mobility During Side to Side Movements (Photo Courtesy of

Last week I discussed functional exercises and the three planes of motion (Sagittal, Frontal, and Transverse) and twisting front lunges.  Today I would like to give you a few exercises to work the Frontal plane and improve your strength and motion side to side.  This plane does not receive a ton of attention in lot of exercises and lifts.  However, as a hunter athlete there are many instances in which we move side to side.  Some examples include stepping from your climbing sticks onto your treestand, moving around or over obstacles, and side hilling just to name a few.   It’s imperative that we work these muscles to reduce the potential for injury in the field and improve our overall balance to avoid falls. Continue Reading…