YETI Has a Perfect 1-2-3 Combo for Your Outdoor Adventures.

YETI created the high performance cooler market years ago and hasn’t settled for anything but the best ever since.  You have all heard of them and can’t question their ability to keep things cold.  I’ve trialed many YETI products and keep close tabs on other reviews and social media comments and have yet to see where they didn’t perform in the upper echelon of cooler performance.  With that being said, I had the opportunity to test YETI’s latest offerings;  Hopper Backflip 24, Camino Carryall 35, and Sidekick Dry. Continue Reading…


This May Be the Literal Definition of a Farmer’s Carry but It Will Benefit Your Hunting Fitness as Well (photo courtesy of

So you’ve been following or maybe this is your first trip to but you’re intimidated by the thought of starting a workout program.  I’ve got a relatively simple exercise you can do at home or the gym to set your fitness goals in motion.  Couple the Farmer’s Carry with some additional cardio work (walking, hiking, running, etc) and you’ll be amazed at how much more you can tackle this fall.

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Motivational Quote

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I’ve learned that success is very dependent on the types of people you surround yourself with.  Ultimately though, it’s solely up to you!


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What a Beautiful Scene.  With a Little Effort it Could be You.

As I scroll through my social media feeds I am seeing a ton of post’s from individuals who are already wishing their deer or elk season was upon them.  While big game seasons in the fall are my favorite there are way too many opportunities out there the other 9-10 months of the year to be wishing them away.  If you’re not capitalizing on all the year round adventures we’ve been blessed with then you should reconsider your strategy.

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One of the Latest Offerings From Danner,  Gila, Caters to the Mobile Hunter.

At the 2017 ATA show I stopped by the Danner Boots display to see what they had in the works.  One of the boots I was drawn to was the Gila.  I don’t know if it was because the boot simply looked solid, appeared as a lightweight hiking boot allowing for excellent mobility, or the recent addition of the Sitka Subalpine camo pattern.  Either way, I wanted a pair.  Unfortunately they weren’t available at the time but finally this past fall I was able to get my hands on a pair and boy was I glad I did! Continue Reading…

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Start or continue training hard now and you will be happy in three months…


…but imagine how you’ll feel when you tag out!!!!

Lunges %&$*Z# Lunges!!!!!!

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Think You Don’t Need Strong Legs? Try Taking a Frigid Spill In the Backcountry. (photocourtesy of

I had a strength coach back in college that absolutely loved making us do lunges.  Of course, with 225 lbs on our backs we dreaded them.  I did them because he said if we wanted to be faster and stronger we needed too.  As soon as my football days were over it was a long time before I ever considered doing a lunge.  When I got serious again about my physical performance though it didn’t take long for me to incorporate them back into my fitness regimen. Continue Reading…

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Simple but true.  Make the best of the day you’ve been given.


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The most quintessential reason we hunt is for sustenance.  There are many other reasons and benefits but really the only reason you’re able to sit there and read this article is someone years and years and even a few more years ago killed something and ate it.  The good news is whether we kill something or not, we’re likely not to starve to death.  However inside many of us there is an urge to provide protein for ourselves, families, and friends.  In the spirit of just that you probably want it to taste good.  I actually do a ton of cooking around my house and most of it consists of wild game and veggies so I’m always on the lookout for something to give my culinary skills a boost.  Through my research along with some trial and error I found Miley Brands Grill Rubs and Spices. Continue Reading…

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To continue the motivational theme…you’re not going to be any more prepared for next hunting season than you are now if you don’t get off your butt!  Decide now or be mad at yourself later!


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