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Start or continue training hard now and you will be happy in three months…


…but imagine how you’ll feel when you tag out!!!!

Lunges %&$*Z# Lunges!!!!!!

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Think You Don’t Need Strong Legs? Try Taking a Frigid Spill In the Backcountry. (photocourtesy of

I had a strength coach back in college that absolutely loved making us do lunges.  Of course, with 225 lbs on our backs we dreaded them.  I did them because he said if we wanted to be faster and stronger we needed too.  As soon as my football days were over it was a long time before I ever considered doing a lunge.  When I got serious again about my physical performance though it didn’t take long for me to incorporate them back into my fitness regimen. Continue Reading…

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Simple but true.  Make the best of the day you’ve been given.


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The most quintessential reason we hunt is for sustenance.  There are many other reasons and benefits but really the only reason you’re able to sit there and read this article is someone years and years and even a few more years ago killed something and ate it.  The good news is whether we kill something or not, we’re likely not to starve to death.  However inside many of us there is an urge to provide protein for ourselves, families, and friends.  In the spirit of just that you probably want it to taste good.  I actually do a ton of cooking around my house and most of it consists of wild game and veggies so I’m always on the lookout for something to give my culinary skills a boost.  Through my research along with some trial and error I found Miley Brands Grill Rubs and Spices. Continue Reading…

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To continue the motivational theme…you’re not going to be any more prepared for next hunting season than you are now if you don’t get off your butt!  Decide now or be mad at yourself later!


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HIIT and Run

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Have You Given HIIT a Try Recently (photo courtesy of


In an attempt to come up with a catchy title I wanted make sure I clarified what HIIT is.  The acronym stands for high intensity interval training, which means you do an exercise at a very high intensity level for a time period followed by a lower intensity activity (active resting) for a period of time then repeat.  It’s a topic that’s been talked about here on but I wanted to take another look at it and see how it can benefit you.   Continue Reading…


For those of you not familiar with it’s a tremendous resource for us hunters.  They provide a plethora of articles ranging from current hunting issues and trends, memorable hunting experiences and thoughts, tips and how too, and even some interesting videos.  Continue Reading…

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I’ve gotten away from posting some motivational material but due to the fact that your 2018 season starts now I wanted to get back into the habit of getting you fired up to achieve your goals.


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Continue Reading…

It’s outdoor show season and with that comes the latest and greatest from the industry!  It’s almost like a light at the beginning of the tunnel for your 2018 season.  You may have identified some needs coming out of last season or run out of places to add new patches on your old gear.  Now is the time to find your upgrades and be better prepared for this fall.   Continue Reading…

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Don’t Sit Back and Wait (photo courtesy of

The new year is upon us and we should all be retooling (our bodies and gear) for the upcoming fall.   While I plan to bring you  updates on the latest and greatest gear, my focus today is more on your body.  If you’re like me then you busted your butt all Winter, Spring, and Summer hitting the fall seasons firing on all cylinders.  If you were hunting out West then you were likely done in Oct, maybe early November.  If you are more in the Midwest or East perhaps your season got extended through December.  Either way, season is over, now what? Continue Reading…