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My Hunting Bucket List

November 9, 2015 — 4 Comments


This article is completely self-indulgent. I’ll just get that out of the way up front.

I developed a hunting “bucket list” to give myself some hunting goals to work toward over the next decade or so. It would be impossible to accomplish all of this in one year or even ten years. Instead, this is a list of the hunting accomplishments I hope to have checked off my list by the time I am too old to hunt anymore. If I don’t get to them all, so be it; it isn’t that important. But my hope is that having them written down will motivate me to try and make as many¬†happen as possible. Some of these when added together comprise the Super 10. Of those species that comprise the Super 10, I would like to take all of those with my Xpedition bow. A lofty goal, but that’s the point – set goals that we would be proud to achieve.

Here is my hunting bucket list: Continue Reading…