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This is a guest post from Shawn Stafford. Shawn has written for The Journal of Texas Trophy Hunter, North American Whitetail, and Western Elk Hunter. He is a follower of and is passionate about combining fitness and hunting in order to increase success in the field.

Many do not fully understand the rigors of successful hunting. There are times one will get lucky and have his prey drop near a road with a couple of buddies to help load it. I personally would not look a gift horse in the mouth and welcome the luck. However, I have hunted long enough and in various locations to know that this is very seldom true for the adventurous hunter. In most instances a significant amount of effort is required to not only get to your hunting location but also to get your quarry out. Continue Reading…

Photo Credit: Greg Wilson

Photo Credit: Greg Wilson

You should be doing cardio and interval training if you hope to catch up with this guy in the fall.

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