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Exo Mountain Gear makes a phenomenal pack that is available in 3500ci and 5500ci. Well this year they will be releasing a 2000ci bag that will be interchangeable with the existing load panel. This is very exciting as 2000ci is the perfect size for an extended day pack or scouting pack and the benefit of using the current load panel allows for packing out an animal that you shoot too far from roads and camp.

Here are some of the highlights: Continue Reading…


It’s the season of giving, so Exo Mountain Gear is giving away a free Exo Mountain Gear pack!

I have been using the Exo Mountain Gear Exo 3500 for a few months now and I could not imagine hunting with a different pack on my back. It is one of the most advanced backpacking systems I have seen and it stands up to even the toughest conditions. Continue Reading…