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Photo Credit: Donald M Jones

Photo Credit: Donald M Jones

Hunters are goal-oriented people by nature. This is no surprise to anyone. We thrive in an environment in which there is a tangible, visible goal that can be achieved. Harvesting any animal is one such goal. But there can come a point for some in which filling a tag is not enough. They need to be challenged more and need something greater to strive for.

Have you heard of a Super Slam? It is a life-long quest to harvest one of each of the 29 big-game species in North America. It is a lofty goal that very few have achieved. It is also practically impossible to complete for anyone who is not either independently wealthy or privately sponsored given the incredibly high cost of some of the hunts required (Stone Sheep… Need I say more?). Continue Reading…


Photo Credit: Muscle and Fitness

Often times, we choose to give up on something because the goal seems too far away. We wonder if it is worth the time, effort, and resources required to reach the goal for which we originally set out. Take weight loss for example… The reason so many people join a gym or go on a diet for their New Year’s resolution is because it is a desirable goal: lose weight and be healthier. However, the reason so many of them quit within just a few weeks is related: the desired goal seems too far away.

Why does it seem so far away? Continue Reading…

My Hunting Bucket List

November 9, 2015 — 4 Comments


This article is completely self-indulgent. I’ll just get that out of the way up front.

I developed a hunting “bucket list” to give myself some hunting goals to work toward over the next decade or so. It would be impossible to accomplish all of this in one year or even ten years. Instead, this is a list of the hunting accomplishments I hope to have checked off my list by the time I am too old to hunt anymore. If I don’t get to them all, so be it; it isn’t that important. But my hope is that having them written down will motivate me to try and make as many happen as possible. Some of these when added together comprise the Super 10. Of those species that comprise the Super 10, I would like to take all of those with my Xpedition bow. A lofty goal, but that’s the point – set goals that we would be proud to achieve.

Here is my hunting bucket list: Continue Reading…

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” – Henry David Thoreau

Achieving Goals

Sometimes you look at where you are currently and think, “There is no way I can reach my goal. It is too far away.” However, the truth is that your goal is attainable, regardless of how far away it may seem. Anything that is in sight is attainable; but anything you remove from you sight will never be attained. If you have high hopes for hunting this fall, start working toward your goals now. The time will pass by anyway. Come hunting season, the payoff will be reaching your goal and filling your tag. Keep your eyes fixed on your goal and you WILL get there.