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Skull Hooker mounting bracket with mule deer

The people at goHUNT give away great products every month! This month, the goHUNT team will give away 80 Skull Hooker $50 gift cards good for their line of European skull mounting brackets. (Total value $4,000) Continue Reading…


Once again, is giving away some incredible gear to INSIDER members

Application season is finally here and that means scouting season is coming up fast. With that in mind goHUNT will give away tripods and tripod heads to get you ready for the spring scouting season. This month goHUNT has 6 Outdoorsman’s tripods and tripod heads (total value $4,860). Continue Reading…


Draw odds

Last week released phase one of the new draw odds calculator on INSIDER. You now have access to the most advanced and accurate draw odds available anywhere and can quickly filter hunts based on draw percentage.  Continue Reading…

Insider Filtering 2.0.png

For most of us, state hunting regs just came out and it is that time again—time to start planning hunts for 2016! As exciting as it is, it can also be overwhelming when you look at all of the various elements of choosing where to hunt. Dozens of units, multiple hunts per unit, and with each option comes different draw odds, success percentages, and a myriad of other metrics to keep track of. If you give careful thought to your hunts each year, choosing where to hunt can be a daunting task. Continue Reading…

January INSIDER giveaway Double Tap ammo


This month the goHUNT team will give away even more great gear. The winter is the perfect time to work with a new gun load to get your setup ready for the 2016 season, so it is the perfect time to give away some custom built ammunition. This month goHUNT has 40 Double Tap Ammunition gift certificates for $100 each (total value $4,000). Continue Reading…


Next month, Hunting Fit will be celebrating its 1 year anniversary! Over the last year, you have all helped to grow what was once a very small, insignificant website into a platform that reaches thousands of people each month. Since you are the reason why Hunting Fit has been so successful, you should be the one to benefit. Continue Reading…


For those who want to go after the tag of a lifetime, it just might take a lifetime to draw it. When you do draw that tag, you want to be able to give yourself the best chance of harvesting the bull, buck, or ram that has been the driving force behind applying for that tag for so long. Or maybe that isn’t you… Instead, maybe you like to go for the over-the-counter consistency that you can have in some states where you can hunt every year. These over-the-counter tags are often in less competitive units (hence why there is an abundance of tags) or there is a ton of pressure from other hunters due to the high availability of tags. Either way, if you want to have an edge, you need tools that help you prepare, both physically and mentally.

You probably read the articles here on Hunting Fit in order to prepare for the physical part. However, if you also want to do research and gain informative data to help you maximize your harvesting odds you need a tool like goHUNT’s Insider.
Continue Reading…


Giveaway Details

This month the goHUNT team will give away even more great gear. This month goHUNT has ten KUIU backpacks to give away (total value $4,500).

2 x KUIU Ultra 6000 packs w/ hip belt pouch – Verde camo
2 x KUIU Ultra 3000 packs w/ hip belt pouch –  Verde camo
2 x KUIU ICON Pro 7200 packs w/ hip belt pouch – Vias camo
2 x KUIU ICON Pro 5200 packs w/ hip belt pouch – Vias camo
2 x KUIU ICON Pro 3200 packs w/ hip belt pouch – Vias camo Continue Reading…

October INSIDER Coues deer hunt giveaway

Giveaway Details:

In October will be giving away a Coues deer hunt in the Sonoran desert of Mexico with renowned Colburn and Scott Outfitters to TWO lucky INSIDER members.

Join INSIDER today and be entered to win this hunt of a lifetime. Package includes all food and lodging, plus a $1,000 travel voucher. Continue Reading…

Photo Credit: Brady Miller

Photo Credit: Brady Miller

Our final Q&A session comes from Brady Miller. Brady is an avid bowhunter who spends an average of 150 days in the backcountry each year. He is definitely someone who knows a thing or two about what it takes to succeed in the backcountry. In my book, anyone who can take a mountain goat and a moose with a bow is worth listening to. In case you are not familiar with who Brady Miller is, here is a quick rundown from Brady:

I currently live in Nevada, where I work for as the Digital Content Manager. I oversee all of goHUNT’s editorial content and social media pages. I fell in love with bowhunting at a very early age while growing up in Minnesota, and have met a lot of lifelong friends through hunting. I have a Wildlife Biology degree with an emphasis in Fisheries Biology from the University of Montana. I lived in Montana for 10 years before moving to Nevada, and have been very fortunate to explore and hunt in a lot of Western states, and also have hunted in British Columbia and Mexico. Continue Reading…