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Photo Credit - Steiner Optics

Photo Credit – Steiner Optics

Have you ever had someone question whether or not God would approve of hunting? Often times, people who question the morality of hunting point to the fact that the animals are innocent or that killing an animal somehow violates the commandment, “Thou shalt not murder” (almost always quoted in the King James translation by those who use it as the reason why hunting is not okay). But does hunting go against biblical commands?

First of all, the biblical prohibition against killing is more specifically translated “You shall not murder” and subsequent commands against murder are based on the fact that mankind bears the image of God (Genesis 9:6; Exodus 21:12), thus giving the reason why it is not okay to kill other people. But does hunting animals fall into the same camp as murdering humans? Continue Reading…

“When you’re out there hunting, if you’re not seeing the sunrises and sunsets for what they really are in God’s creation, it’s always going to be a long season. You have to enjoy the journey.” – Jeff Danker, Major League Bowhunter

Enjoy The Journey


Photo Credit: John Hafner

Hunting is a sport and a lifestyle that takes a lifetime to master… and even then there are still plenty of lessons to be learned. Whether you are hunting deer or elk, antelope or turkey, your prey is incredibly smart and always seems to be one step ahead of you. So how is a hunter to grow and learn so that he or she can be better than last season? Here are 7 steps to becoming a better hunter: Continue Reading…


In the coming weeks, Hunting Fit will feature a Q&A session in which I respond to hunting and fitness related questions. Ask any question you’d like and if your question is among the ones picked, it will be featured in the Q&A article. Ask via email, comment below, or ask through the Hunting Fit Twitter and Facebook feeds. Just make sure you ask… You can’t get answers if you don’t ask.


Ladies, I am sure that you get frustrated at the exorbitant amount of options that men have for high performance hunting apparel and the very limited options that you have. Sure, you could just wear men’s clothes so that you can have access to the same high-quality gear… But why? There should be an option for women that is both feminine in fit while rugged in function. You should have the option of having clothes that fit and look good and at the same time use the most advanced technology and fabrics. You need a high-performance hunting apparel line just for you.
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