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Hunting seasons are in the rearview mirror and you might have realized this past season that you needed to be in better shape. More seasons are on the horizon and fast approaching and you realize you need to get in shape sooner rather than later.

Many will be hunting tukey this April and some will also be hunting bears. Come August, all big game hunts will begin kicking off and continuing all throughout the fall.

Now is the time to begin preparing for the seasons that are coming up on your horizon. Part of that preparation must include improving your level of physical fitness. Continue Reading…

“One secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.” – Benjamin Disraeli

The Definition of “Luck”

Photo Credit: Jimmy Herman

Photo Credit: Jimmy Herman

I recently connected with Jimmy Herman through a mutual friend and asked him if he would be willing to share his thoughts and insights into hunting and fitness. Jimmy and I share a passion for hunting and fitness and we both feel strongly that training and proper preparation are crucial for a successful hunt.

Who is Jimmy Herman? Jimmy is a touring musician with Carrie Underwood. He has appeared on stage with a plethora of other artist including Dierks Bentley, Steven Tyler, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, Gretchen Wilson, and many others. Jimmy is also an avid outdoorsman and is involved in hunting and conservation not only in the US, but worldwide.  Not only is he an avid whitetail hunter, Jimmy has also hunted a large number of North American big game such as elk, mule deer, antelope, moose, and black bear.  When Jimmy is not onstage he is in the gym training for rigorous mountain hunts, shooting his bow, and writing articles for hunting, music, and fitness publications across the globe. He is a great guy and I am very thankful for his willingness to share his thoughts with me and all of you. Continue Reading…


For those who want to go after the tag of a lifetime, it just might take a lifetime to draw it. When you do draw that tag, you want to be able to give yourself the best chance of harvesting the bull, buck, or ram that has been the driving force behind applying for that tag for so long. Or maybe that isn’t you… Instead, maybe you like to go for the over-the-counter consistency that you can have in some states where you can hunt every year. These over-the-counter tags are often in less competitive units (hence why there is an abundance of tags) or there is a ton of pressure from other hunters due to the high availability of tags. Either way, if you want to have an edge, you need tools that help you prepare, both physically and mentally.

You probably read the articles here on Hunting Fit in order to prepare for the physical part. However, if you also want to do research and gain informative data to help you maximize your harvesting odds you need a tool like goHUNT’s Insider.
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