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Bow Review: PRIME Rize

February 16, 2016 — 10 Comments


A few months ago, I made a mistake.

I compared 4 flagship bows for 2016 from 4 of the top bow manufacturers and included the PRIME Ion in that comparison. Well, the Ion was a flagship bow from PRIME… for 2015. The Rize is the new bow that is at the forefront for PRIME in 2016. Since this mistake of mine prevented everyone who read that comparison article from having the most up to date info, I want to take some time and do a full write up on the PRIME Rize. Continue Reading…


I recently spent a significant amount of time in the field scouting for my upcoming elk hunt. During that time, I put some miles on my First Lite Corrugate Guide Pants and my Kanab 2.0 pants. While I was more than pleased with both, there are┬ásome specific aspects of each pant that I would like to highlight so that you can make a decision as to which would be best for you. Continue Reading…