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Weatherby’s New Cartridge

October 12, 2015 — 2 Comments


I may shoot a Remington right now, but given the chance I would gladly shoot a Weatherby. Weatherby has established a tradition of pushing the limits and redefining previous notions of what constitutes speed, energy, and accuracy. Recently, Weatherby announced a new cartridge that is sure to take the long-distance marksmanship industry by storm – the 6.5×300 Weatherby Magnum. Continue Reading…

Photo Credit: Sportsmen's Vintage Press

Photo Credit: Sportsmen’s Vintage Press

There is a general rule in shooting: the closer your body is to the ground, the more accurate you will be. Basically, if you kneel, you have a better chance of being accurate than if you are standing; if you go prone, even better. However, there are some times when prone and kneeling positions are out of the question. You may have a bull jump to his feet 100 yards in front of you in thick brush that you can only see over if you stand. He may give you 3 seconds to acquire a sight picture, and then bolt… No time to do anything other than raise, aim, and shoot. But here is the million dollar question: Could you make that shot if you needed to?
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