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When you hunt wild game, you have a lot of ground meat. It is a fact of life.

When you are trying to process an elk, a KitchenAid attachment grinder just won’t cut it. Believe me… I’ve tried.

I used to take my meat to a local butcher to have them grind it up for me because I did not have a decent grinder that could handle the job. After doing the math, I realized that at $1 per pound, I could break even at 150-180 pounds of ground meat. If I got a deer and an elk in the same season, that would pretty much cover it and a grinder would then start paying for itself. Couple that with other hunts and my wife also having a tag and that cost savings would really start to add up. It just made sense to stop paying a butcher and start grinding meat myself. Continue Reading…


We put so much time and effort into researching gear for the hunt and often give very little thought to what we will do with the meat we bring home after the hunt. When it comes to food processing, prep, and cooking, you want to use products that are going to last while also doing their intended job well. I spent a few years getting by with cheap stuff only to be disappointed with the finished product and looking to replace my cheap food processing gear. Continue Reading…